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£5 to win

The new plastic £5 note which has been released in the UK this month have been selling for up to 160 times their value on EBay as collectors are keen to snap up the early...

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Save the date (night)

Married couples that regularly go on 'date nights' are more likely to stay together, research has revealed.Keeping the spark alive in marriages can be as easy as taking...

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Frightfully British

#AwfullyBritishOffences Ending a phone conservation without saying bye in at least three different ways. Cheers. Thanks. Bye — Heremy Junt (@Jeremy1Hunt) September 25,...

Letters to Stateside

Spend your new fiver on a...

Last week, I briefly spoke of my challenges when it comes to UK currency. This has embarrassingly been quite the stumbling block for me as I continue to stand at the till,...


5 Instapets you need to follow

1. @raw1112 This chubby, pocket-size chipmunk spends his days nibbling nuts and playing with his ferrett brother. With 6,243 posts (right now), Raw snaps about 2-4 times...

The Lady Recruits

10 common interview...

Tell us about yourselfThis is usually the first question you are asked and it gives you the opportunity to set the tone of the interview. Keep your answer to around 2-3...

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Nailed it!

There's nothing like a fresh, professional manicure or pedicure to boost your confidence. What is it about painted nails that makes us feel extra polished, prim, and brand...

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Eyeshadow for the office

I have personally started a new job myself, so I'm still getting used to getting ready in the morning in as little time as possible. Makeup that used to take 25 minutes now...

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Tantasic: Sienna X tanning...

I feel I need to start this review with a disclosure... I am very much a beginner when it comes to self-tanning and as such, I was really looking for the SiennaX express...


Money, money, money

Some films feel a lot like life, except they’re over in 90 minutes. Ira Sachs’s Little Men is one such movie, a gentle gem from the heart of New York, a film about modern...


The cat comforter

See 'Noel Edmonds speaks to Dana the cat' here: It takes a lot to make me listen to Jeremy Vine (R2, weekdays, noon-2pm), but when he tweeted...


Blagging your way to the top

‘I’m the business equivalent of a diamond. I can light up a room – but if you’re not careful, I can cut you.’ ‘I’m an emperor, a true leader. A country isn’t enough. I...

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Gardener Handyperson Security Driver
Required for large private house in the Cotswolds. An all rounder required, can live in or locally,flexible. Must like dogs [...]


Houseperson General
Full time experienced Houseperson/General required for a pleasant country house in rural Northamptonshire, 10 miles from [...]


Live-in Chauffeur - Full Time - Mayfair
Live-in Chauffeur - Full time, must know London Streets well and have clean driving record and current CRB. Live in is a [...]


Housekeeper & Gardener (Couple)
Live in couple required for gardening and household duties in Kent. Fully furnished flat provided with all bills paid. [...]


Experienced Chef and Driver Handyman Gardener Couple in scenic Switzerland
Do you love the outdoors, hiking, cycling, riding and skiing? Are you an experienced private chef couple looking for a [...]





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