Young ladies are more worried about how they look, than about their health, a survey has revealed.

The report, commissioned by Tesco and Cancer Research UK, revealed that 41 per cent of 18-24 year olds said they worried more about their appearance than their physical fitness, (and then confessed they didn’t do enough exercise).

Reasons given for their lack of exercise were mostly appearance-related with 16 per cent worrying about messing up their hair or make-up while working out, and another 10 per cent saying they were unhappy with unflattering workout gear.


Overall, almost 60 per cent of the women polled gave reasons that were appearance-related for their dislike of fitness.

SpaSeekers Director, Jason Goldberg, is determined to stop the trend.

He said: 'This research is quite depressing, but there is a lot we can do to improve the image of fitness and get more women involved.

'Not only do many of our spas offer holistic fitness courses and classes, but spa fitness suites are a long way removed from the image of a sweaty, male-dominated gym.

'We have spa deals available in glamorous health club spas where women can work out in air conditioned comfort, beautiful spa pools, and of course a huge selection of post-workout beauty treatments to choose from. Nobody needs to choose beauty over fitness!'

Time to hit the spa then ladies?