Here at The Lady, we have two techniques which are proven to instantly lift our spirits: 1) buy fresh flowers for the office and 2) spend 10 minutes painting our nails. Take our word for it: if you inject a little bit of colour and prettiness into your day, things instantly seem perkier.

A new discovery for us is the wonderful Dielle range of nail colours. Not only are they vibrant, durable and quick-drying (crucial when you're painting your nails at your desk!), they also have lovely mood-boosting names such as 'hopeful sky' and 'spring promise'.

What's even better is that Dielle are currently offering 30% off all nail colours until 14 July 2013. Simply visit and enter the code DSUMMER13 at the checkout.

It's true that money can't buy you happiness, but you can get a little bit of bliss on a budget...