Daniel-Galvin1If you're anything like me, you will have been swooning over the glamorous ladies of Dancing on The Edge wishing you could recreate the sexy, but simple hairstyles.

Luckily Asgar Saboo, hair stylist to the stars, was happy to give me a little tutorial on how to create one such look, the Marcel wave.

The timeless hairstyles of Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo embodied femininity in its finest form and are regularly recreated by Hollywood stars of today. The 1920's and 1930's saw the rise of the popular Marcel Wave which was coined by hair revolutionary Francois Marcel. His equipment aimed to produce a deep glamorous wave which was more of a permanent fixture in comparison to the finger waves of the 1920's.

Hair stylist to the stars Asgar Saboo who has styled the hair of some of the most aspirational women across various decades including style icon Cindy Crawford and Twiggy, suggests how you can achieve this look using modern day appliances.

What you will need:

Heat Protector Spray
Hair Spray (Medium Hold)
Paddle Brush
Sectioning Clip
Pin Tail Comb
Medium Heated Rollers (Ordinary rollers can also be used but it may take up to 3 hours for the hair to set)
Small Heated Rollers Curling iron

How to achieve - Marcel Waves:

Apply a golf ball of mousse to damp hair distributing evenly throughout. Rough dry the hair using a hair-dryer and paddle brush.

Using a pin tail comb, part the hair to the desired side and section the heavy side forward of the ear. Clip the hair with a sectioning clip so that it is ready for you to come back to.

Roll the remaining hair in medium sized heated rollers aiming the roller inwards. Ensure that each section of hair that you are rolling is approximately 1-2 inch wide depending on how big you would like the waves to be. Lightly spritz each piece of hair with a heat protector spray before doing so.

Roll the front section that you had previously sectioned using a clip into small heated rollers. Allow all rollers to cool in the hair.

Sculpt waves with a comb to achieve the desired look. Spray with a little hairspray to hold.

Unroll the rollers from the front section of your hair and brush the hair gently. Pull the section taught for a few seconds and slowly allow it to relax until the ridges of the wave begin to show.

Place the curling iron so that the clip is beneath the wave and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat this step to the next undulation. To further deepen the wave you may pull the iron one way and the remaining hair the other.

Simply brush through using a paddle brush to solidify the hairstyle and spray the hair with hairspray.

Daniel-Galvin-01-590The Finished Product