A new survey has revealed that the average cost of a British woman’s make-up bag is an incredible £172.

A recent online questionnaire by beauty retailer Escentual.com revealed that most women’s make-up bag and contents were the single most expensive item that they took out of the house with them on a regular basis.

On average the total cost of the make-up bag was £172 which is more valuable than most women’s second-hand smartphone, watch, bag, or the cash in their purse. But despite that few women are specifically insured for loss or theft of their make-up bag, which is especially alarming as last year there was an 11% rise in hand-bag snatches in the UK, the largest rise for this type of crime in 10 years.

Emma Leslie, Beauty Editor of Escentual.com, said: “Most women were surprised to discover their make-up bag was worth more than their mobile which is probably why few women would think about insuring their make-up bag.

“Individual make-up items aren’t particularly expensive but there are so many products that the cost of the whole make-up bag very quickly mounts up. Many women weren’t aware that their make-up bag was the most valuable thing they took out with them on a daily basis.”

In the survey conducted with over 2,000 customers of the Escentual.com website, the average costs of make-up in their bags was calculated from the cost of all the beauty items the women would regularly carry. Lipstick, £14, eyeliner, £11, mascara, £23, foundation £27, concealer £11, eye-shadow £16, blusher £11, bronzer £11, eyelash curler £5, eyebrow pencil £5, lip-liner £5, lip-gloss £11, and the grand total came to £172 for the average UK make-up bag. And that’s not taking into account the cost of the bag itself.

Emma Leslie added: “The women surveyed admitted having quite a few products in their bag that they rarely used, but they took them out just so they could be ready for every eventuality.

“When they realised the cost of the make-up bag they were quite shocked. I’m sure most of them will want to check whether they would be insured if they lost it or had it stolen.”

Had your make-up bag stolen?

Escentual.com are offering 15% off to any woman who contacts them with a valid police crime number and will replace any products that they stock on the website at 15% off the price. To be eligible just email makeup@escentual.com with your crime number and details and they will send a promo code for the 15% discount.

Words by Katy Pearson