Have you noticed how positively amicable everyone is in January? Is it because we're all in 'this club' of the longest, toughest, coldest, greyest, penniless month together? Or is it simply because no one is possessed by that green-eyed monster, aka suffering from a lethal case of FOMO*?

Going out and ending up on a dance floor is so very non-January that we've all (temporarily) softened our desperate fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And this makes me wonder where on earth this need to be at The Party comes from... I mean, it is just those modern day insecurities rearing their ugly head or are we never content to just be present, right here, right now?

I think it all comes down to good old fashion confidence. And while insecurity is curiously appealing, and even a little charming, it seems only to be so when someone else is wearing it. So if vulnerability makes friends and drop dead gorgeous seems to be ridiculously alienating, who is having the most fun?

Of course Instagram and its constant scrolling fuels all this FOMO, magnifying the desire to be with the cool gang. But, as I mentioned, we've managed to drop our fears for the month so snap yourself in your pjs and repeat after me: snug is smug**. I already have.

*fear of missing out
** for a limited time period