For those who don't follow my blog, I should explain that we've been doing a little globetrotting. If I'm totally honest, it hasn't really been the backpacking + hostel-type of roaming. But there's little more that He and I adore more than showing our Smalls the world-at-large and so this year we tackled parts of Asia.

But this isn't a travel journal post; I'm simply making the point that having just spent a fortnight 24/7 in close proximity (mostly sharing a room) with my tribe, I have plenty of blog fodder for the rest of the year, and beyond.

Mealtimes, long journeys, early mornings, lights out, on the beach and all the bits in between have meant we could delve a bit deeper in our chit chat than manic London life allows.

During one particular meal, Small asked if we thought that imagination was more important than knowledge? I almost choked on my coconut juice as this boy's random thought process throws me every time. And so the debate was opened: I was interested that my Him thought that knowledge was always king as it gives you the power to know how. I disagreed (of course) stating that, within reason, knowledge can be acquired and yet imagination is harder to come by. Surely imagination must be life's differentiator, I ranted on.

But I soon realized why Small was asking this question. He's pretty confident that his vivid imagination is all he needs to get by. I quickly swayed my reasoning and set him on the straight and narrow; there are too many school years for us all to get through...

And I was once more reminded that these discussions (whether or not they are on a sandy beach) are precious and valuable and the essence of family life.