Can I crawl out from under my rock? Have you all stop yapping about your dreary New Year's resolutions? Or have I been hiding so long that you've already starting breaking them?

Let me tell you a secret: a resolution is surest way to fail at whatever it is you are desperately trying hard to resolve. All those being 'mindful' while they juice like a new year ninja are just setting themselves up to fail at the first hurdle (month) of the year.

Instead, I'm offering challenges for 2015. Mark Zuckerberg (aside from running the world's largest social network) is challenging himself to read a new book every other week. And we're not talking Judy Blume here. Certainly not, each book chosen will have an emphasis on learning about different cultures, belief and histories. The man is even more of a rock star than I ever imagined.

And, just to clarify, none of my challenges will involve kale, liquid lunches or abstinence of any kind. So although I might try to eat less bread and butter, my instructions to self absolutely won't be enforced in any way.

So, I'm challenging myself to NOT resolve this year. Other than trying to be less offended and aiming to procrastinate a little more, I'm ready to coast vow-free and utterly flawed into the new year.