I am writing this abroad but this is not the relocation I am referring to. En route to the West Coast of the States, the Smalls and I are visiting my brother and his family in Chicago. So... if you like, I'm posing as Mum about (a different) Town for this week's blog post. And, while in the mid-west's largest city, as well as introducing our small people to a few skyscrapers, some stunning architecture and the story of the city's Great Fire, we managed to catch up with some old friends who have left London last year for the charming village of Winnetka, north of the city.

Driving up to their new home to check out their new lives, it struck me just how challenging a family relocation must be. New schools, friends and finding your feet socially is something which takes time and a huge amount of energy and – while few of us are offered the chance – I'm sure many would be daunted by the prospect.

But the challenge of uprooting, travelling and planting new roots feels to me like something we should all have to do at some point. We're always looking for more practical qualifications so, following GCSEs and A levels, could come Relocations could be the new points of difference on any CV. Surely it shows any new employer that you are adaptable, driven, open, friendly and that you've seen further than your own backyard.