In all honestly, I’ve no time for Christmas shopping this year. Nor patience either. Besides, everyone I know keeps telling me that they don’t want anything anyway. Of course, the high street tells me otherwise, winking at me through their twinkly, festive shop windows, and Black Friday hit our screens like a ton of discounted bricks. So the plan is to add a little more precision and logic to my Christmas shopping task.

In fact, I’d even go as far as saying that there’s a proper strategy to my purchases and – generous old me – is prepared to share my gifting rules:

1)     any present needs to fit in a stocking, which in turn needs to fit in a suitcase as we are travelling into the festive season.

2)     All items MUST be something I would have bought anyway regardless of any babe in a manger.

3)     the Smalls are not allowed to write a list for Santa and she is busy with a new job, an old job and lots of carol concerts to attend

4)     no plastic anything this year…

5)     at least two items must look and feel like books.

6)     A little money will be given which can be saved, donated or spent – the decision is theirs (and I’ll try not to judge)

7)     He can have a good old fashioned wet, sloppy kiss and maybe even a lie-in.

And now I feel relieved. I can tick Christmas Shopping off my to-do list.