When I met Rachel in grade 6 a few decades ago I had no inkling she would one day become responsible for the education of young minds. However, it is her role as a School Principal I am most in awe. She is a psychologist, administrator, nurse, proxy-parent, big sister, judge & jury, all out wonder woman and I celebrate her passion and boundless patience.

Below is a recent post from her Facebook page.

Today was frantic. After little lunch it was noticed that a 5 year old hadn't returned to class. I got a call from the office and normally in these circumstances I would fly out to find the missing kid.

However, today that was impossible.

At the time of the phone alert I had:
1 x wet puddle playing 5 year old,
1 x 7 year old with autism who needed to chill out in his fave spot under an armchair,
1 x angry year 6 plonked on another armchair,
2 x disobedient year 7s smirking in the doorway, and
1 x year 2 who has lost all sense of what is right!

So things went like this…
Me to smirkers: I don’t even care why you are here, I don’t have time. Get out and find this short kid with floppy sandy coloured hair. GO!
They ran off.
Me to the grump in the chair: I know you like to be cranked for hours but right now you need to pull yourself together and get out on the hunt for the same short kid with the same floppy sandy coloured hair. GO!
He left. Then I had a problem. What to do with the mud covered 5 year old and the 7 year old with autism??
I decided - nothing. Leave them. They wouldn't dare venture out...I HOPED!
So I turned to the year 2 who had forgotten how to behave entirely.
He said: Shall I look for the short kid too?
Me: No, but you can come while I look AND tell you off at the same time.
He followed me.... or I thought he did.
By now the parents were filling the yard for home time. I had rung the missing child's mother. I was marching around the school, dialling the police, looking for a short kid with floppy sandy hair, and telling a kid off. I stopped to check on the year 2 with no sense of right but he had fallen behind me by about 10 feet.
All this time I have been ranting at thin air. He hadn’t heard a word.
He heard the next 100 words clearly as he was told to: GET UP HERE. WALK WITH ME WHILE I ATTEMPT TO TELL YOU OFF!! BLAH BLAH BLAH...
The short kid with floppy sandy hair was found hiding in the bushes a stone’s throw from his classroom. Tomorrow he has no playtime.
The child with autism remained in the office and played with the muddy 5 year old.
The muddy 5 year old's socks dried.
The music played (no bells at Rachel’s school) for kiddie home time.
If you have read all of this you are amazing!!