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Head over heels

Posted by Slummy single mummy
Slummy single mummy
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on Tuesday, 05 March 2013
I’m not easily embarrassed.

At our netball Christmas party it took about 2 seconds to persuade me to stand on a table and make a speech, and if I’m in a cruel mummy frame of mind I’m not adverse to a bit of singing in the street. This morning though was different, this morning I feel over.

There is something horribly embarrassing about falling over. Even if I trip slightly in the street I tend to look behind me in a puzzled way, implying that something jumped up out of the pavement to catch me out on purpose and that it definitely wasn’t just me being clumsy and tripping over my own feet.

My tumble this morning wasn’t quite as horrible as landing flat on your face in the street, as I was at netball practice. (I’m pretty sure that makes it a sports injury). It would have been better though if there had been someone else involved and not just me stumbling about trying to catch the ball.

The fall could not by any stretch of the imagination be called graceful. The wobbly thud as I fell heavily to the floor reminded me a bit of a beached whale, flapping about helplessly, unable to right themselves. I lay on the floor for a little while, trying as hard as I could not to cry.

Despite a grazed knee and elbow and a twisted ankle, I did hold in the tears. In fact, I stood up, shook out my foot a bit, and resumed my position in goal attack, hobbling mildly. I waited until I caught home to admire my scuffed knee and hold a pack of Quorn mince against my ankle.

My injuries may have been more at home in the playground but I wasn’t going to let my reaction go the same way.

Role models for girls in sport

Posted by Slummy single mummy
Slummy single mummy
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on Monday, 21 January 2013
Today I want to have a short rant.

(Just a short one I promise).

Yesterday I went to watch the England netball team play world champions Australia. They won 58-53 and played fantastically. It was brilliant to watch, and to see the young women and girls in the crowd going crazy, watching these amazing athletes, was incredibly inspiring.

I’ve been playing netball for about a year now, having been the least sporty person ever at school, and absolutely love it. I would love for my daughters to get equally passionate about sport, to find something to take part in that makes them feel as good about themselves as netball makes me feel.

Two quarters in, and I was feeling great.

And then at half time the mascot came out. Suddenly I didn’t feel so inspired. Here she is, she’s called Petal:

Petal - the netball mascot

Now is it just me or is this just the most hideous thing you’ve ever seen?? Is this really what we want our daughters to see as representative of women’s sport??

I just couldn’t believe it, and the women I was with were equally horrified. As a mother of two daughters, I want them to be inspired to take part in sport because they see it is empowering, as an important part of looking after their bodies, and because it’s fun. I do NOT want them to think it’s about hearts, cupcakes and who can get their platinum blond hair into the biggest bouffant.

Even Petal doesn’t look excited does she?

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