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Doggy Afternoon Tea at Egerton House Hotel

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 21 September 2017
by Annette Kellow

If you are anything like me, you try to include your dog in almost everything. This includes shopping, visiting friends, holidays and spontaneous beach trips. In fact in Britain we are so dedicated to our dogs that a whopping 74% of us will take our beloveds away with us on trips, holidays and excursions.

So imagine my delight on discovering Egerton House Hotel, a 5 star hotel designed with traditional style and elegance, which welcomes our four legged friends and serves a special doggy afternoon tea!

Set on a quiet tree-lined street in Knightsbridge overlooking peaceful gardens, it is the perfect home away from home, whilst being set on the doorstep of vibrant central London.
My friend Betsy arrived with her dachshund Frieda, whom my Yorkie dog Dorothy instantly covered in wet-nosed kisses. We were then introduced to a very smart looking red menu- but not just any menu, the dogs menu!

Inside the treats included bowl licking chicken, biscuits and doggy icecream as a three part meal – they even had their own water bowl, doggy mat and squeaky duck toy laid out.
This was all served in a tier of bright doggy bowls, which the dogs instantly began devouring!


Now that the dogs were fully occupied we received our own 'human' menu. A traditional English afternoon tea was served with cucumber sandwiches, salmon, coronation chicken, scones, lemon drizzle cake, Victoria sponge, Bakewell tart and Champagne! Wow! On seeing our chintz china and tea time delights we knew we were being utterly spoilt!

As the dogs were so intent on eating and playing they seemed to have forgotten all about us humans so we settled down to a lovely long chat with some deliciously fragrant tea, of which I picked my favourite Rose. The tea room itself has a very relaxing ambience with chic and luxurious décor, perfect to while away the afternoon in a quiet place but still in the hub of London. I also spied a few vintage and antique items giving it the perfect mix of style, glamour and elegance.

Indeed our waitress, Tunde, also loves to do photography and happily took our photos which the dogs couldn't concentrate on for more than two seconds with their food and toys taking up most of their attention!

I was also intrigued to be told by the waitress that the owner, Beatrice Tollman, adores dogs. She is a fan of dachshunds and passionate about hotels which is how the Red Carnation Hotels came to life with her husband Stanley Tollman. And life it most certainly is, with a warm friendly atmosphere and the most impeccable staff one could ever meet.

Egerton House Hotel, we will be back- and with our dogs too!
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Morv Moon Launch at The Trafalgar St James

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 07 September 2017
by Annette Kellow

When I was told I would be spending the morning relaxing in luxury Morv pyjamas, trying a new facial from 111 Skin whilst sampling breakfast at The Traflagar Hotel St James, my excitement scale was definitely on the higher level.

After all, the newly refurbished Trafalgar St James with its elegant suites and sumptuous furnishings has had excellent online reviews whilst I am a huge fan of anything to do with skincare, fashion and general pampering!

Stepping into the spacious suite I was introduced to the uber glamorous Morvarid Sahafi, the designer and founder of Morv London.

Her new silk satin pyjamas line is a luxury collection available in eight different prints and designs. All styles come with a detachable hood that doubles as an eye mask. Morv got the idea when she was travelling a lot and found the elastic on eye masks often tight and digging in. She also wanted to sleep in comfort whilst keeping the look chic too.

I opted for a pair of polka dot pyjamas which as soon as trying on felt like pure silk on my skin. This teamed with some freshly made fruit granola and relaxing on the king size bed I was in near heaven!


All of Morv's designs are made to spread awareness in society, often featuring female empowerment icons such as Joan of Arc and the Suffragettes.

She also uses natural based dyes, ecologically smart fabrics and 5% of her annual profits go to a chosen charity. Not only that but her designs are simply put works of art, her attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none and her collection is curated with a woman's life in mind.

As well as her elegant pyjamas I also got to see a selection of her dresses. These featured a Harlequin party dress, burgundy velvet pieces as well as a sequinned jacket, perfect for the festive season.

But it didn't stop there! Next I was treated to a Lightfinity Express facial by Alice Jenkins from Harley Streets 111 Skin clinic. It involved a serum infused mask smoothed onto my skin followed by a frame which pulses LED lights to rejuvenate and freshen. This heats up slightly, working into the skin whilst I kept the serum on all day to protect even further.

111 skin also has its own range of products which is developed for sensitive skin, their most well known one called the 'Dramatic Healing Serum.'

All of this in such a wonderfully located hotel, the Trafalgar St James. I could quite see myself reclining on the bed all day in comfortable pyjamas sampling more of the hotels delicacies but alas it was time to leave.

As the famous quote says, 'Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.' And Morv London is a wonderful combination of the two.
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A Dogs Purpose DVD Launch

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 24 August 2017
by Annette Kellow

This week I was invited to the elegantly chic Dukes Hotel to view the new film A Dogs Purpose, celebrating it's DVD Launch on the same week as National Dog Day.

We were there to enjoy a delicious selection of Dukes finest foods and then get settled to see the movie, which I heard was a real tear-jerker (I had come prepared with tissues at the ready).

But there was a twist, our little furry friends were invited too!

I was delighted to be taking my Yorkshire Terrier dog Dorothy to her first ever film screening, and in such a beautiful venue too. She trotted in, instantly sniffing out the other pooches such as Amelia the Cav and Charlie Chaplin from City Dog Experts.

Doggy snacks had been laid out for them and there was even special chairs for our pooches to recline in but first of all it was playtime! Anyone that has a dog knows they love to sniff out fun and my dog Dorothy got straight to it by letting a Bichon Frieze and a Spaniel follow her around in a rather devoted manner.

After she got bored of their adoring affections she ditched them for Amelia the Cav who was happily feasting on doggy popcorn in the corner.


They did not let us 'humans' go without either. I had a lovely plate of chicken, salad, scotch eggs and a lemon dessert- delicious!

As we sat down they offered us strawberry icecream too, or should I rephrase that- they offered our dogs strawberry icecream, of which I almost ate myself! Frozzy's is a special blend of fruit and yoghurt specifically made with our furry friends in mind. Indeed I tried to get Dorothy to concentrate on the film but her concentration span was rather low with the Frozzy's around and before I knew it the whole tub had disappeared!

The tissues were definitely needed for A Dogs Purpose. Without giving too much away, they had combined several stories interweaving through a dogs life and it was magically set from the 1960's to the present day. The dogs voice is also narrated by Josh Gad so you can hear the dog, Bailey's, continuous thought process which definitely makes paws for thought.

They also showed the comforting therapeutic side of owning a dog and how they instinctively recognise a humans emotions. Apparently stroking a dog for just 10 minutes a day releases the feel good hormones Serotonin and Oxycotin. This helps with a relaxing and calming effect when petting a dog (I secretly wondered about kissing too? I must kiss Dorothy at least fifty times a day).

Directed by Lasse Hallstrom, A Dogs Purpose is for anyone who loves animals and enjoys the sentiment of a picturesque story which will win your heart over and over again.

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Sainsbury's Edible Flower Masterclass Launch

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 11 August 2017
I have walked past the historic Bourne and Hollingsworth building many times but have never ventured in. Luckily for me I had a wonderful excuse as I was invited to the Sainsbury's cake decorating masterclass with Great British Bakeoff winner Chetna Maken who would be launching their very first range of edible flowers, released in stores nationwide.

On arrival the private kitchen in Bourne and Hollingsworth is pure vintage heaven! Fresh plants, flowers, a large table workstation and old rustic wooden beams greeted me as I sat down.


I was handed a cocktail of Frose (this summers craze of crushed rose) adorned with flowers (full on Instagram worthy) and each of our placemats had cake stands and decorating utensils complete with Sainsbury's aprons- I whipped mine on straight away!

The first thing I noticed about Chetna is she is completely captivating. She talks in a relaxed manner and brought out some freshly baked cakes, one being rose and lemon, another pistachio, followed by blueberry. She explained that her preferred protocol is to use hints of flavour rather than over powering the tastebuds.

She began by using a fragrant smelling buttercream and spoke about how to make and achieve beautiful baking by not thinking everything has to perfect- infact she made it sound so easy!

After icing and layering the cake on stands she explained that the flowers are made specifically in England at the Vale of Evesham and include varieties such as tagete marigold, monkey flowers, viola and dianthus.


She also told us an amusing story that some people go into Sainsburys hoping to buy a bunch of flowers then decorate their food and eat them ( apparently a big no-no as some flowers can be highly poisonous!)

Finally, it was showtime i.e time to make our own. The room was full of bloggers such as Monas Eyes and Little Sunny Kitchen and I was worried my icing was going to look like I'd done it with my eyes closed compared to theirs. But the smoothing utensils helped greatly and I figured if I went wild with the flowers hopefully no one would notice if I was a bit scrimp with the buttercream! And wild I went, pretty much covering one side of the cake (whilst hoping Chetna wouldn't see the other!)

After helping each other take photos, chatting, and nibbling on other fabulous Sainsburys goodies, I realised that working with food is not only beautiful, fun, creative and therapeutic- but it brought a bunch of ladies together that evening who bonded over the simple love of baking - albeit with the icing on the cake and the flowers to go with it.

Sainsburys edible flowers are now in store.
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Ockendon Manor Spa Retreat and OTEP Launch

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 10 August 2017
by Annette Kellow 

Sometimes in life we all need a little getaway. It can be a tranquil walk, a relaxing bath, some beautifully scented spa treatments... or a combination of all three!

Feeling like I needed a little TLC I discovered Ockendon Manor Spa and Hotel, based in Haywards Heath and handily just under one hour from London.

Arriving at Ockendon, which is set in acres of land with an abundance of flower beds, gardens and countryside I loved how peaceful the surroundings were and how friendly all the staff were as they helped me in looking rather disheveled from the rain!

My friend and I were excited to see our itinerary which had been carefully planned but first some snack indulgence! Off The Eaten Path are a new range of delicious snacks made with real vegetables. They have a high source of fibre whilst they come in delicious flavours such as sour cream, cracked black pepper or caramelised onion (naturally I simply had to try them all).

A lovely spread of all the flavours had been put out for us to nibble on (which we did more than nibble on by getting through a whole delicious bowl!)
We then had a walk organised with Devon based expert ramblers Two Blondes Walking, a duo with a wealth of information on how to get started in hiking.


We had a lovely afternoon finding our way through lush green fields and wooded areas close by. Two Blondes Walking are something of the connoisseurs of hiking, with a refreshing blog, authors of three books and some amazing tips which would make even the most fearful of walking get their waterproofs on and get outside! Their reason for this is to build confidence whilst we discussed the importance of how it can improve mental health and physical ability.

I think my favourite tip from them was that a long distance walk can burn a high amount of calories so it's good to bring snacks to keep you going (eating is recommended and you burn calories? I'm sold!) They also spoke of wearing layers of clothing that you can easily remove or add depending on the weather and I loved hearing their Devonshire tales of cold water swimming too.

After arriving at our hotel room, we delighted in all the details laid out. White fluffy robes, some Off The Eaten Path snacks and a small bottle of champagne greeted us. My friend Millicent and I decided to head straight to the outside jacuzzi which looked rather inviting, even though it had begun raining again! That didn't stop us as it was heated and we had a good chat before trying out the sauna and steam room. The staff were able to assist us in every way (even charging my phone when I ran out of battery) and the time melted away until it was evening.
After a long drawn out bubble bath and a small snooze, we visited the restaurant on hearing that their food was prize worthy.

Indeed there was a tasting menu featuring several courses but we decided to try the three course meal, which arrived with a delightful glass of fizz.
I tried the cod loin accompanied with a variation of fresh vegetables. It was so mouth watering we could see why the whole restaurant was packed within minutes of them announcing dinner!

The hotel rooms are also extremely cosy and inviting, and after all our walking, chatting, eating and swimming there was only one thing for it- off to bed. And as they say, a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

Off The Eaten Path snacks are now available from leading retailers including Sainsburys, WHSmith and Ocado.
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