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A Royal Day Out At Ascot

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 17 June 2016
YLAT-176Annette KellowOur newest Young Lady About Town, Annette Kellow, enjoys a day at the races...

Hooray it's that time of year again! Royal Ascot season is upon us and it's millinery heaven. Few sporting venues can match the rich heritage and history of Ascot, which over the past 300 years has become an amazing show ground to parade the finest in hats.

Designers such as John Boyd, Philip Treacy and Awon Golding are high on the style sweepstakes whilst in between the champagne quaffing and betting, fashion takes centre stage.

It was my first ever visit to Ascot so I wasn't sure quite what to take with me but really hoped the rain would hold off! Choosing my hat gave me a mild case of the jitters but thankfully Miss Golding came to the rescue. I particularly love that her hats are elegant, feminine with a couture twist and she showed me the best way the hat should sit on the head. The idea is not to obscure the eyes so she placed a pin at the base of the crown so it would not slide forward and still gave free movement.

I decided to get the train to Ascot (you can't beat good old Great Western) and arrived promptly at midday with a parade of bouquets, aptly worn on many ladies heads.

For me the fun was all about people watching. I saw the most amazing creations on stunning women whilst I couldn't wait to check out the catering (yes they even had a cheese on toast stand!)- all washed down with a glass of champagne naturally.

My favourite part of the day was seeing the vintage inspired band The Tootsie Rollers who wore complimentary outfits and Lulu Guinness clutch bags.

I also got chatting to a lovely old timer who'd been coming to the races for many years and gave me tips on who I should bid on- I decided to just watch him spend his money instead!


He also informed me that Royal Ascot has been a yearly event since 1711, after Queen Anne decided it was the best part of the land to gallop in. It has been a royal haven of delights since and is known as a valuable meeting place with high prize money and the worlds top racehorses on display.

There is of course the wonderful fact that you will be in great company, the queen started the progression by heralding in the Royal carriage. She looked a vision in yellow with matching hat and coat- I can't wait to visit again, what a fantastic day!
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Charles Worthington Launch

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 09 June 2016
Young Lady About Town Katrina attended the Charles Worthington product launch this week...

Despite living in London most of my life, I had never been to Fortnum and Mason's before (gasp!). You can imagine my excitement as I approached the decorated doors, greeted by a butler in a red coat who ushered me up to the tea room, where the Charles Worthington product launch was held.


The set up looked like something out of a palace- gilded tea sets, bright bouquets and waiters in ties adorned the room. Picking a place, I sat down to coffee, orange juice and a selection of miniature pastries and fruit. The Charles Worthington representative broke down the product technology while we munched away, explaining that fragrance was a key element to the Charles Worthington products.

We then had a presentation on the history of shampoo scents, complete with small jars of different shampoo brands from across the market. It was interesting to learn how brands and scents have changed over the ages. For example, L'Oreal was the first brand to create liquid shampoo in 1933, and all shampoos contain an apple note in their scent, as apple makes the user feel clean. The representative explained that Charles Worthington has developed a unique fragrance lock technology that keeps your hair smelling fabulous for 24 hours.


Ken O'Rouke, Charles Worthington brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist, then gave a product demonstration on hair models. Their tresses looked amazingly glossy, full and shiny and by that point, I was totally envious and wanted to try them out on my own hair! I left with a goody bag brimming with products, including new Smooth and Control shampoo and Finishing Serum. I can't wait to try and recreate some of the looks!
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Cocktail hour with a twist

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 07 June 2016
Young Gentleman About Town, James Crawford-Smith enjoys cocktail hour with a difference...

Cocktail hour just got a new twist at the Strand Palace Hotel along one of London's busiest streets. Built in 1900s the Strand Palace has seen movie stars, foreign dignitaries, royals and rebels- but today is frequented by a gentler set; the tourist, the businessman and the party girl.

The Strand Palace Hotel has stood proudly in the heart of London for over a century and since its opening has seen face-lift after face-lift, so don't expect to see any grand Edwardian saloons or even any original features. While it is a shame that in modernising the interiors, the history of the hotel has been lost there are two spectacular remnants of the Palaces hedonistic past hidden just below street level. As you walk down an unprepossessing staircase you are met with a breath-taking art deco set of stairs, with geometric shapes and inset lighting. To the left of the staircase is the ladies room, which has remained untouched since the days of ladies powdering their noses and recovering from an evening spent doing the Charleston - these two features are a must see.


Upstairs in the hotels Gin Palace Bar, a new take on the afternoon tea has just been launched. The G&T With a Difference, features a selection of delicious Gin cocktails created by the hotels new mixologist showcasing a wide selection of Gins from around the world. To accompany the cocktails the hotels chef has developed an accompanying 'tea', featuring; teriyaki salmon with ponzu sauce, chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce, crab cakes with sweet chilli sauce, lamb kofta with mint and coriander sauce, tempura vegetable with teriyaki sauce, and vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce.


While the Gin Palace's décor may leave something to be desired, the attentive staff and relaxed atmosphere more than made up for it. The G&T with a difference was fantastic and since the hotel is one of the biggest in London (with over 800 rooms!!) it is worth considering for a night in town.


The Strand Palace Hotel's central location and relaxed ambiance makes it an ideal stop on the way to the theatre - so if you're looking for a pre-show treat, pop in and have a G&T!

Gin cocktails are available for £13.95 each. Tea to accompany comes at £17.00 for the sharing menu:
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90 glorious, chocolatey years

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 02 June 2016
ice-cream-blogWhen the sun is shining, or evening just hinting at coming out (actually even when it's not), here in the office it doesn't take a lot for someone to suggest ice cream for lunch.

So when we heard about Godiva's new range of ice cream, a limited-edition Rose and Raspberry Ice Cream, created in celebration of the chocolatier's 90th anniversary, sun or not we were off to give it a try.

Myself and Young Gentleman About Town, James, opted for the dark chocolate ice cream (it's also available with the white chocolate vanilla and the dark & white chocolate swirl) which is finished off with the new rose and raspberry sauce, crunchy raspberry sprinkles, and a 90th branded square of milk chocolate.

The chocolate was well, it was Godiva so let's not beat about the bush it was pretty delicious, and the raspberry and rose added a refreshing touch. Sometimes floral flavours can add an almost soapy taste to things but that certainly wasn't the case here.

Now, I don't like to admit that I'm a guzzleguts, but from first lick to finishing, well let's say it didn't really get a chance to melt; that's what happens when you get incredibly tasty ice cream!

The Rose and Raspberry Ice Cream is available in Godiva's boutiques priced at £4.50: #Godiva90

Chocolate Dreams

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 26 May 2016
jamesMeet our new Young Gentleman About Town, James Crawford-SmithThis week our new Young Gentleman About Town, James Crawford-Smith indulges in some chocolate comfort...

Do you dream in chocolate? Well if you do (or if you want to) then 'the comforter' treatment now available in Lush Spa's across the country is certainly the treat for you.

I arrived at the Lush Spa on the Kings Road, hot and slightly sweaty, coming down from a long day at the office and was immediately approached by a smiling member of staff. She knew exactly what I was feeling and guided me to a chair, sedating me with a glass of ice cold cucumber water.

After a browse of the store I was taken downstairs to a Cotswolds country kitchen to meet my therapist, Maddie. After signing a disclaimer and getting all the medical questions out of the way I was shown a tea cup with steaming brown liquid in it, emitting a heavenly smell of chocolate and soap. I was talked through each element of the treatment and found out the tea cup contained the exfoliating liquid, which would buff my body to a brilliant shine.

The treatment room itself is cool, calm and kitsch. Lit with a soft pink glow, the environment is tranquil and peaceful. I lay on the treatment bed beneath a sheet and Maddie then Lay the thickest, warmest, electric duvet over me as she turned on the specially curated Lush playlist- tailored to my treatment- think children's songs with a hipster twist (while not really my scene I went with it).

The exfoliating begins with Maddie exposing each limb and gently but effectively buffing the skin. After say one arm is done, it is returned under the blanket so that only one body part is exposed at one time. The feeling of being greasy in bed was a little disturbing but I could appreciate the reasoning behind it.

After being exfoliated to within an inch of my life and being rubbed down with hot mits, came the massage. Rose scented bubbled were switched on (and quickly switched off - paired with the music I found it a bit much) and I melted into the deep level of calm I had hoped to achieve. The rolling massage technique was incredible and I didn't want it to end.

This treatment required absolutely no showering afterwards and the massage bars used are created to leave your skin non greasy, so you can dress and leave immediately following your experience.


After dressing and leaving the dulcet tones of an indie girl singing 'what the world needs now', I was taken back to the kitchen by lovely Maddie and presented with a ball of candy floss in a high ball glass. I was instructed to pour a small vile of pink liquid into the glass a la Alice in Wonderland and drink the liquid. It was extremely sweet, decadent and sickly .... I loved every second of it.

Leaving the store and emerging out onto the Kings Road the hot, sweaty, stressed guy I walked in as was no longer. I felt as though the treatment had achieved its objectives and while the frilly, sweet additions may seem a little indulgent- isn't that what you want from a trip to the spa?!

The Comforter is available in Lush Spas across the country, and the 90 minute treatment is priced at £85

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