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A Single Ticket

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 25 September 2014
Being single when the majority of your friends are paired off can be a bit of a bore. And let's face it none of us singles want to sit through another awful date (Tinder arranged or not).

Despite this, on receiving an invite to board the Love Train (I defy you to not have the 1972 hit by the O'Jays stuck in your head now) I couldn't help but agree.

Arranged by in association with East Coast Trains, the Love Train would be a round trip to York, with activities on the train there and back and the chance to explore York or take part in the arranged activities in the city. And best of all, every passenger on the train, all 200 of them, would be single.

This first ever dating via railway event would also include breakfast and dinner. Single guys and free food...who wouldn't be sold?


On route to York (apparently one of the most romantic cities in the UK, with more couples tying the knot in the Yorkshire city than anywhere else in Britain) the entertainment included a mariachi band (what's not to love?), magician, a shadow artist, a poet, and radio1 dj Scott Mills would be on hand to match make.

Luckily, everyone who was offered a place on the train was allowed to bring a guest aka a wing woman or man. This did somewhat boost the number of ladies on the train but it's to be expected considering men are much less likely to indulge in online dating/dating events.

As fun a time as I had I do feel the lack of the aforementioned O'Jays tracked being played was a bit of an error. On top of that I can't say I got the chance to meet that many guys. We were all quite spread out making it difficult to mingle unless you went on a stroll through the carriages for a blatant oogle session. So although there was no love to be found for me on the Love Train I can't deny I still had a great day out and met some fun people (mainly girls). And I came home with the odd souvenir from some of York's vintage shops. now run a number of events for members to help lovelorn singles find that someone special. For more information visit
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The Navitas Clinic

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Energy healing. Anyone with a vaguely pragmatic disposition (or those with a dose of good British cynicism) is bound to dismiss it. There are, however, things in this world are intangible yet undeniable. Instinct, for example. Gut reactions. And love, of course, that's a biggie.

We Young Ladies are always up for new experiences, so this one found herself trotting along to Wimpole Street one rainy Monday evening to meet Jackie Mannell. Jackie spent more than two decades working as a hairdresser and, realising that she spent a great amount of time listening to and consoling her clients, decided to focus on her natural affinity for healing. She retrained as an Energy Practitioner, and now operates The Navitas Clinic (the Latin word for 'Energy') in both East Sussex and London.

Her role is effectively to channel the healing energy of the universe to help those with a condition. This condition can be anything, from eczema to aching limbs to cancer. The way Jackie explains it is that you can't have a problem without having feelings attached to it. Our minds and bodies are so interlinked that these feelings affect our physiology, ultimately determining the behaviour of our cells. Jackie's belief is that she can locate the root cause of the problem (those unsettling feelings which manifest as a condition), and transfer energy to clear it away.

A consultation with Jackie (who has a wonderfully calm aura about her) begins with a discussion of your issue. Mine is that I am short-sighted. Not the most severe of problems, admittedly, but one that affects me on a daily basis. After pinpointing how and when the short-sightedness began, Jackie talks me through a meditation. I feel a little self-conscious at first, but with my eyes closed and Jackie's soothing voice taking me on a little mental journey, I am soon absorbed in the moment.
Next I lie down on the clinic's bed, and Jackie stands behind me with her hands pressed to my head. This is to channel energy, and as she gently moves her hands to different pressure points, I can feel a sort of tingling. Whether this is genuinely the transfer of energy or simply the power of suggestion, it nonetheless is a definite sensation.

Jackie's clients have been known to hobble into her clinic on a walking stick, and practically skip out by the end of the session. I can't say my eyesight was suddenly restored, but I certainly felt something go through me during my hour with her. I was fantastically relaxed by the end, and I slept better than night than I have in aeons.

Energy healing is a tricky thing to get your head around (no pun intended) if you're not an especially spiritual type. I like to think of myself a sensible sort of girl, but I unequivocally felt something go on in Jackie's gentle presence. If you have a problem and are at your wit's end trying to sort it out, why not throw away your preconceptions and give this a go? I am very tempted to book another session. Who knows...I could be flitting to my next Young Ladies' appointment with perfect eyesight.

For more information visit

An eventful weekend

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 11 September 2014
And another Young Lady ventures out of town, this time to Lincolnshire for the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials – and an excuse to wear my tweed cape. It is a key highlight of the international equestrian calendar, but a carefully curated shopping village, displays including military working dogs and a contagious party atmosphere mean you needn't be horsey to enjoy it.

Eventing, a taxing combination of dressage, cross-country and show jumping, evolved from the training of cavalry horses, where speed, stamina and agility were of the essence. Today, it is a thriving international sport with a huge following – especially after Team GB's 2012 Olympic silver. And nowhere better to watch it than the magnificent surroundings of the Burghley Estate.

Out on the cross-country course on Saturday, I joined the cheering crowds lining the four-mile, four-star track. Designed by Capt. Mark Phillips and incorporating fences from the London 2012 Olympics, it is one of the world's most challenging. And visually stunning too, running over undulating parkland and woodland, with the backdrop of Burghley House.


As I watched New Zealand's Andrew Nicholson and his home-bred grey Avebury powering over the imposing fences, I found myself in the unusual position of rooting for a foreign competitor. The pair had won Burghley twice, and I really wanted to see them make it a record-breaking three. 'I rode him like I stole him,' Nicholson said later, referring to his daring shortcuts that had the crowd gasping. Avebury thrives on this bold approach.

And that's just the world-class sport. The social scene is second to none, too. On my way back to the car, I stumbled into the Dubarry stand. Yes, the one where impossibly handsome chaps stand in a bucket of water (to show their famous country boots are really waterproof) and flirt outrageously. Filled with antiques and a well stocked bar, it felt like a particularly jolly house party in an Irish stately. Next thing I knew, I'd been kitted out in their clothes and drafted into their legendary after-party. The tipple of choice was the Galway cocktail, made by salesman-turned-mixologist Keith Kenny.


Dangerously delectable (the cocktail, but yes Keith too), its magic ingredient is marmalade vodka. Good things happen at Burghley. Finding my car in the dark afterwards was another matter. I should have brought a torch.

Onwards and upwards for the show-jumping finale on Sunday. With only a few points between the top three competitors, it was an edge-of the seat affair. I actually yelped with joy when overnight leaders Nicholson and Avebury crossed the finish line, nailing their third consecutive Burghley victory. It was a privilege to witness eventing history in the making.


With some of the world's best horses and riders in a beautiful setting, shopping heaven and a contagious party atmosphere, this is a truly unique event – and the most sociable of its kind. I pitched up on my own, but by the time I left I'd bumped into an old friend and made several new ones (including Capt. Phillips's yellow lab). Put it in your diary for next year –and remember to pack a torch.

Burghley Horse Trials 2015 are from 3-5 September
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Scotch eggs and silliness

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 05 September 2014
Is there anything better than a bit of silly food-based fun?

On Tuesday 16 September we Young Ladies will be heading to The Ship, Wandsworth to watch the pub's annual Scotch Egg Challenge. Now in it's fourth year, it promises to be more eggs-traordinary than ever.

Judged by a panel of eggs-perts (we could go on), including The Guardian’s Bob Granleese and Catherine Hanly from Hot Dinners, with journalist and author Joe Warwick compering the evening, chefs from 16 UK venues will fight to have their Scotch egg crowned the best in the country.

Scotch eggs Sept12-00-590

The stakes are high, but the event is free for spectactors. What's more, there is even the opportunity to sample the eggy creations. If last year is anything to go by, there will be cutting-edge concoctions using everything from sausage meat to salt cod béchamel and eggs from gulls to quails.

Who will be egg-static at the end of the night and who will be left with egg on their face (we told you we could go on)?  We Young Ladies will be heading to The Ship to find out...

For more information visit

Champagne, butlers and roller coasters...

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 22 August 2014
Sometimes, we Young Ladies About Town like to venture out of the city (gasp!)

Last week we travelled beyond leafy Windsor to enjoy a day of delights. In fact, we opted to forgo our usual light lunches and rounds of cocktails for...wait for it...Thorpe Park. That's right, the Young Ladies went to a theme park.


Now usually, one associates these sorts of places with screaming teenagers, a silly number of burger outlets, and the odd oversized soft toy thrown in. And of course the queues. Endless, endless queues.

We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. You can go to the park, enjoy the thrill of the rides, and glide around like you're wandering through your very own kingdom. My dears, you have three options:

1) Buy fast track. This enables you to hop, skip and jump right to the front of every queue. It means a slightly pricier ticket, but there is nothing quite like the satisfaction slipping past the bored faces of those who have been waiting for HOURS.

2) Make an evening of it. Thorpe Park is putting on Summer Nights activities, which means that the park stays open extra late on Fridays and Saturdays. There are a limited number of tickets, so the queues are automatically lower. Perfect for a date (providing you and your beloved are not overly nauseous types).

3) Go VIP. If you really want to splash out, you can have your very own park host, VIP ride access, all day dining with a butler service, Champagne reception, backstage tours plus a gift bag to take home after all the excitement. We're of the firm belief that everyone should have luxury theme park experience at least once (a year).

VIPs can also climb to the top of THE SWARM (the terrific and terrifyingly high roller coaster). And do you know the best part? You can see the London from the top! You can take the girl out of the city...

Summer Nights tickets are limited and are priced at just £15 per person, or guests can buy day and night tickets for £35.99. VIP Gold Packages cost £400 per person. For more detail visit

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