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The Ultimate Facial at Chelsee Lewis

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 23 February 2017
by Annette Kellow 

When looking for a good facial it can be like throwing a needle in a haystack just by browsing through the many treatments available online. But one name that I kept seeing crop up was Chelsee Lewis who does the renowned Caci Facial, a lifting and toning treatment which astonishingly has been around since the 1970's.

Being a big beauty fan I had heard lots about this facial so simply had to try it, which has seen a revitalisation of late. I wanted someone who could also analyse my skin of which Chelsee offers in her bespoke Mayfair clinic as well as the treatment. After all, if I know my skin, I can know whats best for it!

She welcomed me into her cosy clinic which was conveniently tucked away behind Green Park and on arriving we instantly had an in depth consultation of my skin type, previous problems and what I ultimately hoped to achieve. We also spoke about my current skincare routine (I felt slightly naughty when I said I only did a face mask once a month!) and we discussed ways I could improve home care.

IMG 4644

She said the Caci facial (pronounced Casey) would be suitable for my skin, as it transmits micro-currents to the skin which plumps and lifts, something I was definitely needing with all the harsh winter wind!

She started by using a hydrating cleanser and then applied the toning wands which felt surprisingly relaxing. Infact it was so relaxing that if we weren't having a good chat about all things skin I could quite easily have nodded off! It is easy to assume that Caci could be painful as it transmits currents but it is quite the opposite and you hardly feel a thing.

Chelsee has been a facialist for over 20 years and she started at the prestigious Regis and Decleor where she found the science, beauty and treating of the skin walked hand in hand. Indeed her skin looked so pristine I had to pry into what her skincare routine was- I was genuinely blown away by how much it glowed!

IMG 4645

Afterwards she applied a Yonka moisturiser and I instantly saw a difference , this is the beauty of the Caci, the results can be seen right away. It is a treatment that needs maintenance and a course is recommended (which then goes into a monthly treatment).

If you are new to the Caci I highly recommend a clinic that will look directly at your skin and know the best way to treat it as it is such a personal treatment.

I particularly liked Chelsee's clinic as it has a quiet relaxing ambience, she herself has a wealth of information on skin maintenance and with no interruptions, it was the perfect getaway from a busy day in London.
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Cooking with Clean Eating Alice at KitchenAid

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Wednesday, 15 February 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger

Snacking healthy can be light work (or so I learned last week!)

On 7th February, I headed down to the KitchenAid shop and showroom to meet Instagram health and fitness star Clean Eating Alice, who was going to guide us through some simple, healthy (and most importantly: tasty!) snack recipes. On the menu for the class was kale chips and vanilla chickpea energy balls, both that I was super excited to try having spotted the ingredient prep on the kitchen counter when I walked in.


After mingling with guests and Alice herself, our first instruction was to head to a prep station, fitted with a KitchenAid food processor, baking trays and bowls of ingredients. We were going to be making the kale chips first. Pouring a bowl of cashews and sunflower seeds in the mixer, we then grated a fresh clove of garlic. We whizzed all the ingredients around in the processor for a few minutes to create a paste. Unloading a fresh bag of kale onto a baking tray, we took the paste in our hands and massaged it into the leaves. Alice explained that this recipe was one of her favourites out of her new book, Eat Well Everyday.


We placed the kale in the preheated oven and left it to crisp up and absorb all the great flavours. A quick wash up later, we were onto the vanilla chickpea energy balls. First into the processor was the bowl of almonds, blitzed down to a floury consistency. Next came the chickpeas, blended for a few seconds, adding texture. Then came the sweetness: vanilla extract, maple syrup and peanut butter. I may or may not have snuck a few spoon licks of the peanut butter, as it's my all-time weakness.


About 15-20 minutes into our blending and blitzing, we removed the kale chips from the oven. Mine had simmered a touch too long, but I didn't mind, as the extra crispiness made for a lovely crunch. The chips were tantalizingly moreish, I couldn't stop picking at the tray, and nor could anyone else.


Back to the energy balls, we tipped the mixture out of the processor and started to roll little balls. We placed them on a lined baking tray, snapping pictures of our finished products. We popped them in the fridge for 25 mins, but couldn't resist trying one before they went. The balls weren't too sweet and were easily filling, a good remedy for afternoon nibbles. I can't wait to read more of Alice's recipes in her book and try more out for myself at home.

KitchenAid's flagship store in central London are hosting classes with Clean Eating Alice in March and April. Click here to book for 9th March class.
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Valentines Day at Peggy Porschen

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 10 February 2017
by Annette Kellow 

Love is in the air! And the 14th of February is a day for all things heart shaped- especially eating cake! So when Peggy Porschen invited me down to her Ebury Street parlour to taste the Valentines delicacies on offer, I didn't hesitate for a second.


I always think cake solves everything so I decided to get in the mood by wearing a Katya Wildman Bombshell dress which are very feminine to match the Peggy décor. I was absolutely in love when arriving as the parlour had swapped the silver Christmas baubles for a heart shaped wreath- the place looked picture perfect inside and out! I instantly made my dog Dorothy pose in the wreath which made a few passersby amused.

IMG 0059

My friend Hannah accompanied me and we started by trying the Raspberry and lemon cake with Valentines coffee, aptly decorated with chocolate lips and kisses stencilled on the top, all of which came out presented in lovely pastel chinaware.

Peggy Porschen was founded in 2003 and has been dubbed 'the best cupcake in the world' with her sweet treats being created as edible pieces of art. She also helps others create beautiful cakes with a busy academy and cook books, all of which are suited for a variety of levels.

I have visited Peggy several times but never for Valentines and we loved their floral cupcakes which we couldn't help but try next on our hit list! Peggy is most definitely the place for a girls day out and a good chat but also as a romantic date with a loved one.


I also noticed they did a selection of love inspired cakes to take away- I personally had my eye on the cupcake love heart which I thought would be perfect for a present, although I couldn't see them lasting too long with the way we were devouring our cakes.

My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied after our relaxing afternoon so decided to walk home as Belgravia was looking fresh, crisp and sunny. And with Valentine's Day upon us, the secret ingredient is always love. After all, cake is for life, not just for birthdays!
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The Art of Sabrage at Smith & Wollensky's

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 09 February 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger

The Young Ladies About Town always endeavour to try new experiences and learn new things, and this week was no different. I headed to Smith & Wollensky's restaurant to learn the art of Sabrage hosted by operations director and Commandeur of the Confrerie du Sabre d'or Nathan Evans.

What is Sabrage, you may ask? Well, two hundred years ago, dashing young cavalry officers in the French army would slice the cork off the Champagne bottle with a sabre, rather than put themselves through the effort of removing the wire basket and easing the cork out. Thus, the art of Sabrage was born.

Arriving at Smith & Wollensky's (an American chophouse chain imported into the UK and famed for its prime steak) we were made to sign a disclaimer. Having never handled a sword in my life, this worried me slightly, but having seen the array of people about to undertake the same task, this put my mind at ease that it wasn't too dangerous.

Tables of cold Perrier-Jouet champagne and sabers filled the room, as Nathan commanded us round to fill us in lightly on the history of Sabrage and the society that was founded upon it in 1986. Dressed in a green gilded cape and hat, Nathan elegantly demonstrated Sabrage, making it look a lot easier than I had anticipated. We were informed that every bottle opened that evening was to be drunk, and as I scanned the room of 35 people or so, we all laughed.

We took turns being called upon, feasting on a buffet of cold seafood and delicious canapes that were brought around by staff (whilst sipping on champagne, of course). I watched people closely turn after turn, marveling at the science behind glass separating with ease. The cardinal rule of the evening was not to let the blade leave the glass: it must be done in one swift motion.

Finally, my turn arrived. I stepped up nervously as a nice Irish member of the Confrerie du Sabre d'or placed a saber in one hand and a champagne bottle in the other, both much heavier than I expected. I bombarded him with questions about technique as he calmed my nerves. "Have you ever played tennis?" he asked me, as I nodded. "It's just like a backhand!"

Attempt one, fail. Attempt two, no separation. Attempt three, I was told to lightly graze the saber back and forth on the glass before pulling it forward: success! My cork and bottle neck went flying in what was called a 'perfect' cut. Third times a charm! I was knighted as a member of the Confrerie as a French initiation passage was spoken, and I then got to take my spoils away (my cork in a plush red bag, as well as a certificate).


The rest of the evening consisted of champagne, champagne, and more champagne. We even got to sneak away to preview Smith and Wollensky's incredible wine selection, and learn the endeavours of sourcing it and importing into the UK. I met and mingled with a bunch of wonderful people, all brought together by the art of chopping champagne bottles. A greatly successful weekday evening, I'd say!

 The next sabrage event will be held at Smith & Wollensky's on Tuesday 13th June
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Bridget Jones Baby Dating Seminar

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 02 February 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger 

This week, I headed to the Charlotte Street Hotel to attend a private screening of Bridget Jones Baby, as the home entertainment release of the movie came out Monday 30th January courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).

As guests arrived and settled into their cinema seats, we were offered wine and delicious canapes. There were also some famous faces in attendance at the screening, including Linzi Stoppard, Fiona Wade, Carol Kirkwood, Nell Hudson, Sonali Shah and X Factor's Honey G.


Before the screening, we were treated to a dating seminar by love guru James Preece (the UK's version of Jack Qwant, as played by the very suave Patrick Dempsey). He gave us essential tips for online dating and using apps like Tinder, as digital dating nowadays seems to be the best way to find a partner. He mentioned that in our array of pictures we put up on social media, we should always post a smiling picture to seem more approachable, as well as a photo engaging in an interest or activity as a conversation starter.

James said to attract potential suitors; we must let our guard down and have the confidence to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Talk to people in coffee shops, head to bars alone, make more eye contact, and go to singles events. He also said once we do secure dates, they shouldn't last longer than 90 minutes, so as to leave an air of mystery and the chance to follow up on learning more about the person.

I found his speech quite interesting and insightful into the world of dating. He then opened up the floor to questions, where women and men alike posed their dating woes to him. He struck confidence into everyone to get up, get out, get going, and look all around us, as a potential date could be anywhere. Most importantly, he reminded us to be ourselves, just as Bridget Jones unapologetically is.


We then got comfortable to watch the movie. Having seen the Bridget Jones Baby already in the cinema, I was quite excited to watch it again, as I had enjoyed it so much the first time. It really was like bringing it home on DVD and re enjoying my favourite parts, although with more people... and more wine.
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