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Fifi Chachnil Lingerie Launch at Hazlitt’s Hotel

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 18 October 2016
Walking along Frith Street to one of London's oldest hotels, Hazlitt's, I excitedly arrived with the instructions to knock three times on Lord Willoughby's suite and wait for the door to open.

The mysterious anticipation was revealed once I was lead in and given a cool glass of bubbly. Inside I discovered a secret haven that only those with the knocking code could see- Fifi Chachnils new lingerie launch held exclusively at the hotel.

Fifi Chachnil is a Parisian lingerie and clothing designer who uses the finest angora, lace and silk to create feminine pieces with exceptional classic techniques.

She is also not shy of showmanship- being the muse of Pierre et Gills and a celebrated French singer her launches are always a fun and fabulously feminine rendezvous.

The underwear and clothing hung beautifully on display throughout the 17th century suite and guests were encouraged to try it on and show each other!

There were journalists, designers, bloggers, dancers and actors- Infact it seemed to be swiftly turning into one big girlie slumber party!


As I am a huge fan of Fifi's angora 1950's style cardigans after some encouragement I decided to try one on (which swiftly turned into four) as they do them in many pastel colours. As I had come with fellow blogger and ballet dancer Robert Noble, he began playing stylist and telling me what skirts and accessories worked best- all aided with a glass of champagne, of course!

It was the perfect setting for such a soirée, a bronze pink bathtub with a four poster bed (yes please) although I wasn't quite sure if there was a friendly ghost as a window suddenly shut and a door opened on it's own!

Then Fifi herself turned up, much to everyone's delight.

Her pieces have graced the cover of Vogue and Grazia with fans such as Jerry Hall and Tamsin Egerton.

As I had brought my camera with me we decided to do an impromptu shoot (they're always the best!), which was fun to see all the other ladies dressed in their Fifi outfits.

I'm pleased to say the photos came out well and my bank balance wasn't too dented after the launch. Everyone left with a little bit more glamour and elegance in their lives and Fifi kept her guests entertained throughout the night in a thoroughly French affair- Oh la la!
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Afternoon Tea and Fashion with Suzie Turner

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 18 October 2016
A monthly event that caters for all things fashion and fabulous, (hello pink éclairs) whilst drawing on the traditional values of Christian Dior's 1947 show.

I was accompanied by friend and fellow tea addict Millicent Binks. On arrival we felt like we were walking into a real life film set. Vintage Bentleys were parked outside, a beautiful ornate fountain and the tinkling of a grand piano was just enough to make you believe it was the 1940's.
I have always been a fan of The Savoy, known for its patriotic glamour and iconic affiliations with fashion whilst the quintessential tradition of afternoon tea is the perfect pastime.

After stopping by the salons beautiful flower display for a few impromptu photos and selfies, we were taken to a table underneath a stunning glass dome.


The night before we had urgently conferred with frantic texts about our outfits (big earrings or small earrings? Hair down or huge hat?) So we decided to wear vintage style dresses designed by Mariya Ivanova to fit in with the classic backdrop.

We were instantly in heaven when our kind waiter promptly brought out a tier of sandwiches. After eating just a few (well O.K, about five) the show began with a ripple of applause.

Suzie Turner garments are enough to make the most seasoned couture wearer gasp. A selection of gowns embellished with Swarovski, Lace and feathers were shown by beautiful classic looking models. They also interacted frequently with their captivated audience, one even sitting down at a table for a quick recline!
Suzie has dressed some of the most exquisite woman in the world including Emma Weymouth, Emily Blunt and Elllie Golding. Her gowns have also graced the pages of Tatler, Vogue and Royal Ascot campaigns.

After Millicent and I played a game of which ones were our favourite (and naturally social occasions to wear them) they brought out the most delicious selection of Suzie embellished Cakes- all decorated with her name!


Whilst we indulged, photographer Martin Parr took a few photos of us for his ongoing Savoy project, which I am excited to see, as it will be showcasing a selection of visitors at the hotel.

The combination of couture fashion in a bespoke salon is a unique and wonderful idea and great for a spot of socialising.

And as they say, you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea- and that's sort of the same thing, right?
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Shocktober Fest

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 10 October 2016
Last week I attended the VIP opening of Tulley Farm's 'Shocktober Fest' Scream Park in Crawley. Every year, I love to get in the Halloween spirit by doing a haunted house live action maze. I've been doing them since I was young with my family who are totally and utterly scare proof, and despite my lack of courage and 'scaredy-cat' tendencies, I somehow can't stop going to them.


There was absolutely no way I was going alone, however. I rounded up four friends as allies on Friday night (including Letters to Stateside author Lindsay) and we made our way up to Three Bridges on the train. We didn't know what to expect, and we were speculating all kinds of horrible things. Upon arrival, a van drove us 10 minutes into dark plush forests, farms and fog until we arrived at Tulley Farms. We were greeted by two massive flaming skull pillars and a gaggle of ushers directing us to the VIP lounge area.

Here, we feasted on snacks and 'punch' (mulled wine) while actors weaved through the crowd to get us in the spirit. After a few glasses of punch to ease the nerves, we decided to head out to the scream park. Our VIP wristbands meant we were allowed to cut the lines, but I was so scared, I dreaded getting into the houses faster and wished we had lined up so I had time to calm myself down and prepare. Our first visit was the Creepy Cottage. We pushed Lindsay to lead the group (as I mentioned, my family are scare proof, and she's my cousin) to which she happily obliged. As we made our way through the haunted home, actors dressed in tattered nightgowns, masks and spooky makeup jumped out as us from every crevice. At one point, one of my friends even fell over in shock. It was quite funny, but that quickly subsided as we were met with more jumping skeleton props and loud noises.


From the Creepy Cottage, we also tried Hell-ements, Coven of 13, the Horrorwood Haunted Hayride, The Colony and the Chop Shop. The worst for me was Hell-ements, as they placed an opaque bag over your head while actors made noises in your ears and grabbed you unexpectedly. I liked the Horrorwood Hayride, as the showmanship of the 10 minute ride through the forest was outstanding. Characters popped in and out of the back of the truck to scare you, and there was always amazing props to look at on the path. There was even a lot of fire.

Between the fright, we did fun activities like pumpkin paintballing and 'corn shooting' (sort of like a 'potato gun' but with corn, and a field. It's the simple things). There were fair rides and food stands abound, and we didn't end up leaving until the last trains home. I'd definitely recommend heading to Shocktoberfest for some fearful fun this year!

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#BigHairDo at Trevor Sorbie

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 07 October 2016
Last week I attended the #BigHairDo event at the Trevor Sorbie salon in Covent Garden. It was an evening of every girls dream- hair, makeup, eyebrow threading, chocolate, champagne and more!

Upon arrival, I was swiftly handed a glass of fizz and whisked over to the Urban Decay makeup station. A makeup artist used the newly launched UB basics palette to create a natural smoky eye on me. I had a few nibbles of Hotel Chocolat chocolate, crisps and little sushi bites before lining up for the most coveted station of the evening- the braid bar.

The braid choices were overwhelming, styles were sophisticated and catwalk ready. I picked an up do 'S' braid (for lack of a better way to describe it), starting at the top of my head and 'snaking' it's way down. Incredibly, it only took the stylist 15 minutes, and the results were flawless.


Strutting around with my makeup and new braid in, I explored the Cloud Nine products, the Malika brow threading area, the colour consultation station and had my photo taken. I chatted to a few other girls from a variety of media publications who were equally as chuffed with their new do's.


Leaving with a goodie bag full of products and salon/brand discounts, I couldn't help but feel like I had to go out. I was too tired to hit the clubs, but I definitely held my head high as I walked home feeling glam!

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American Horror Story: Hotel Murder Mystery Night

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 03 October 2016
Last week, I was invited to the American Horror Story: Hotel murder mystery evening at the beautiful Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair.

Unsure of what to expect, I invited along a clever accomplice and food blogger Sofia Dench to help me tackle the murder mystery challenge. Arriving at the reception dressed in cocktail attire (as per request), we were escorted to the Cub Room, where we were met with crème de cassis champagne and canapes. Iris, the 'Hotel Cortez manager', scurried over to bring us a crucial information challenge pack each: we were to read through the character list, hotel description, serial killer compilation and other bits thoroughly, as they were to be key to our investigation.

IMG 3663

After we read through our packs and nibbled on chicken liver parfait bites and quail eggs in celery salt, we were briefed by Iris and James March, the eccentric hotel owner. The setting was 1925, we were invited to the first wedding anniversary of Mr March and his wife Countess Elizabeth. We were to figure out who had killed James March, but we had to 'keep our eyes and ears open' before making a decision.

Conferring over our packs and a glass of wine, Sofia and I were determined to catch the killer. We were lead downstairs to the function room where we were to chat to all the potential suspects: the Countess herself, Liz Tayler the cross dressing bar attendant, Sally the drug addict, and Iris the manager. We were to eavesdrop on the private conversations between characters around the room, encouraged to ask them questions, and talk among ourselves. Who looked suspicious? Who had it out for James? After a good 30 minutes of investigation and open discussion (accompanied by more nibbles and wine) Sofia and I were pretty confident on who to pin the murder on.


Placing our votes, we eagerly awaited the killer to step forward. We were sure it was Iris, the hotel manager, predominantly because she had spoken so negatively of James and slipped me a 'pill' in a tissue whispering "you might need this". Our confidence was quickly struck down as Liz Taylor strutted forward to take responsibility for the murder, hiding a glass bottle shard in her bra.

IMG 3679

After the revelation and many cheers and sighs, the guests sat and watched the first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. Having watched a few episodes here and there of AHS in the past, I was pleasantly intrigued and entertained by the first episode of the Hotel season, and I even left the event only to watch another three over the weekend!

IMG 3683

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