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Introducing Grace Belgravia - Health and Happiness under one roof

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 18 August 2016
blog-176This week Annette Kellow discovers you can find health and happiness under one roof...

As a fan of spas, products and basically anything beauty, I’ve often been told if I use this product or try that treatment my whole life will be transformed- if only there really was a miracle in a bottle! I also feel that it takes more than a lotion to have complete wellbeing and love to look for holistic alternatives.

So when I heard about Grace Belgravia, a women's only spa that combines beauty, health and fitness I decided to see what their unique approach was and if it differed from other spas.

From the outside, it looks like a secret door, all shiny and black and I had no idea what lay inside. Imagine my delight when I discovered an 11’000 foot grade-two listed building with original artwork and the highest ceilings known to mankind (no wonder Daylesford based their headquarters there).

The staff are less stuffy and pro friendly which instantly put me at ease and my kind assistant even waited patiently whilst I stopped to gawp at all the décor! Indeed it is bright, classic and spacious giving the whole spa a relaxing, homely and healthy feeling about it.

As I had been sick last year I decided to book a consultation with a nutritionist. She immediately checked my diet and gave me some cleansing food advice along with further information about vitamin intake, directing an exact combination for my body type.

She also informed me of the spas other treatments. They basically do everything a girl could ever dream of! Vitamin infusions, massage, facials, dance lessons, Pilates, hydrotherapy, lasers and a menu free from gluten, diary and sugar- which I soon found out tastes like heaven!

At Grace Belgravia their mantra is highly concentrated on ‘beauty from the inside’ so they also offer GP services, emotional wellbeing and acupuncture with the club’s intention to combine these in a sanctuary of quality.

I decided to have a full body massage as my busy week was coming to a close and I could feel weekend leisure mode coming on. As I entered the nicest smelling room and lay down amid fluffy towels all I could do was will myself not to fall asleep, it was irresistibly relaxing!

After my massage (which I just about managed to stay awake for) I tried the grilled peach and asparagus salad which I then washed down with a smoothie, a protein banana number infused with raw cacao that made me ready to face the day with gusto! Grace Belgravia, you have changed my mind about spas, I will be back!
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The Lady Meets The Eagle

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 05 August 2016
James Crawford-Smith got the chance to meet Eddie Edwards at the Eddie the Eagle movie DVD launch this week...

Eddie Edwards was just an ordinary boy from Cheltenham once upon a time - learning to be a plasterer. Well on Wednesday night I attended a special screening of a movie dedicated to the life story of that plasterer, held at the Ice Bar and attended by a handful of stars... well semi-stars, and Dame Kelly Holmes!

The Eddie the Eagle movie tells the tale of England's first competitor since 1929 to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping. The DVD release party was held in the very apt location of the Ice Bar, off Regents Street.

james-blogJames meets Eddie Edwards and Dame Kelly Holmes

As I walked in I had a cape thrust upon me with fur lined hood and gloves attached, I was guided through some frosted double doors and taken into a world of (well unsurprisingly), a world of ice. Drinks were served in a two inch thick ice cup, the goal on a usual night I was told, was to see if you could stay in the ice room until your glass had melted. I'm glad to say I wasn't given that challenge.

After sampling what the ice room had to offer I was joined by a team of journalists as we had a photograph taken with Eddie, and mingled with the other guests, which included a rather famous Beatle's ex-wife and amateur snow sports fan, an ex-boy-band heartthrob and a soap star and of course - Olympic angel Dame Kelly Holmes. All of whom followed Eddie down to the screening room where we settled in for the film.

For part of the experience Eddie sat behind me and I caught a glimpse of him watching his life's story unfold- 'it must be surreal I thought. It's not the usual thing is it to watch your own life on screen'. Well if the Eddie the Eagle movie taught me anything – it's that Eddie Edwards from Cheltenham was and still is anything but usual.
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The London Cabaret Club

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 28 July 2016
For three years the London Cabaret Club has been keeping audiences entertained with their chorus of song and dance and this year their offering The Best Of British Pop does not disappoint.

Taking place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the oh so glamorous Bloomsbury Ballroom (which is also now the productions permanent home), you can expect dazzling costumes, much loved hits (I have no shame in saying I sung along for the majority of the show!), spectacular dance numbers, with a few extras which I won't divulge so as not to spoil the surprise. Featuring numbers from the 60s right up to today, it really is a show everyone will love.


Tickets options mean you can simply come along and enjoy the show with a drink, or you can make a real event of the evening and have dinner too.

In previous year the dinner had been a three course style meal, this year they have slightly altered this and instead is offering tapas. Delicious as it was, I do feel that a proper dinner they used to do added to the glamour and excitement a night at the cabaret should be. Nonetheless, the tapas was delicious, to the extent that sharing with my guest was a tad difficult. All of the staff were incredibly attentive too, the minute my glass was drained there was someone there ready to fill it back up again. I really did feel truly pampered and entertained.


There isn't anything I can think of I didn't love about the show except that trying to encompass the best of British pop in a mere few hours will always mean there are songs there simply weren't time to include; being a lover of the 80s, that era could warrant a whole show itself in my opinion. But what wasn't performed by the ensemble, the after party dj certainly made up for, making for an evening that certainly does not disappoint.

The London Cabaret Club, The Best Of British Pop is at the Bloomsbury Ballroom until August 27th. Tickets start from £30.
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Hampton Court In Full Bloom

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 14 July 2016
ylat-1This week Annette Kellow enjoyed the delights of the Hampton Court Flower Show...

Flower beds, a box of plasters and the longest ever queue for fish and chips- must be that time of year again! I had never visited Hampton Court Palace Flower Show so when my invite popped through the letter box, how could I refuse?

Set against the backdrop of the river Thames and the statuesque palace, the show includes a mini Eden butterfly centre, rose gardens and live entertainment.

Indeed the flower show was ablaze with beautiful blooms, mouth-watering handmade picnics (why do mine never look like that?) and pimms o'clock hit at the convenient hour of midday.

The water fountains were also pretty impressive and you could see why many people had brought their own picnic to sit by the lake and while away the sunny afternoon.

One of the funniest things about the show were the many displays of flowers that you could look at but strictly not touch as they were heavily guarded!

I tried to sweet talk a lovely young chap who was watering some Tandolgnila's to let me have a picture taken in the garden but he was having none of my best convincing skills.

Indeed they were wondrous in their colours, types and tongue-twister names whilst Emilia Fox even had a Sweet pea aptly named after her following her visit.

The band stand, stripy deck chairs and vintage chip van were my favourite part of the day as you could sit in the middle of the flowers and enjoy the entertainment. It was also handy for my feet as I had decided to wear heels (which of course when I saw all the grass realised was entirely unsuitable!)

Katya Wildman of Bombshell, who was showcasing her feminine designs, saved the day and looked after me. She brought me a refreshing glass of lemonade and a brochure so I wouldn't keep getting lost and saved my feet even more!

Luckily it was a bright day full of sun, delicious food and conveniently close to the train so my sore tootsies could rest even more on the way home.
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Heaven in a Bite: Biscuiteers

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 07 July 2016
Our Young Lady About Town Annette Kellow finds that the perfect biscuits make for the ultimate teatime treat...

Drinking tea and eating biscuits is a treat at anytime of the day. For those with an innate sense of ceremony it's a perfect diversion, which harks back to the early 18th century. So imagine my delight when I discovered a unique biscuit shop with a modern twist who know how to execute this quintessential English past time; Biscuiteers on Kensington Park Road.

From the outside it looks like a quaint picture of vintage elegance, their windows displaying intricately iced biscuits (my mouth instantly started watering) and inside there were more delights of biscuit collections, an icing school, cafe and bespoke service.


Although Biscuiteers is based on old-fashioned techniques and traditional hand baking, they keep up with current culture by collaborating with brands such as Mulberry, Boden, Burberry, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum's and Mason.

After taking a rather long time to decide which biscuits took my fancy (I admit I wanted to eat them all) I decided on pink cups and promptly ordered the biggest pot of tea ever!


My friend and I decided to sit on the tables outside and admire the Notting Hill view whilst I was delighted to find that they are doggy friendly (always a winner in my book). They kindly treated my Yorkshire terrier, Dorothy, to some homemade biscuits that they assured me are made of natural ingredients and people can eat them too.
I decided to let Dorothy have a go and she quickly wolfed them all down leaving none for me!

After our tea and a long chinwag I decided to purchase some biscuits to take home. I particularly loved the dad's fry up tin and the queen's 90th collection, which I scooped up as presents. I also bought some Beatrix Potter limited edition rabbits as another present... to myself!


The lovely shop assistant told me all about their icing school which is currently available for adults and children but apparently adults turn into children when they attend! She also informed me that brides can design their own flavoured biscuits for their wedding and they make cocktail toppers, cupcakes and macarons. As I left happily clutching my bag en route home two roads away, all I could think was how am I going to walk past without buying more? #biscuitaddict  
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