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Benadryl ‘Allergy Face’ breakfast at the Ham Yard Hotel

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Wednesday, 26 April 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger

On a sunny (but very chilly) Tuesday morning, I headed to Soho to the Ham Yard Hotel roof terrace for the launch of Benadryl's new 'Allergy Face' campaign. I was met with a wonderful continental breakfast, blue skies and a gorgeous garden. There were a few of us gathered to discuss how to tackle 'Allergy Face'- a coined termed by Benadryl to describe the visible symptoms of hay fever.

Nearly 18 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever, and almost all (95%) of woman with these allergies experience beauty challenges when their symptoms flare. This includes a red, flaky runny nose from tissue overuse, dry skin, puffy face, and watery eyes. Unfortunately, this can effect women's self-esteem, where half of women feel self-conscious and 17% feel less sexy. Benadryl had invited Dr Roger Henderson to talk us through tackling hay fever season, and makeup artist Jo Freeman gave us tips and tricks to combat Allergy Face. As a hay fever sufferer myself, I was ready, willing and eager to get involved in the discussion.

Hay fever develops in the vast majority of sufferers before the age of 20, and symptoms (for medical reasons unknown) are worse under the age of 30. Hay fever is also worse for those living in the city, due to the pollution and pollen mixture. Each of these stats reflect my current living situation, meaning my hay fever is bound to be worse. Luckily, with a model on hand, Jo Freeman talked us through a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilise makeup products in the wake of allergy symptoms. See Jo's top tips below:

"1. Make sure you prep your skin with a hydrating moisturiser before applying any make-up, Neutrogena Hydro Boost is great, so apply that first.
2. To neutralise any redness around your nose, use a green colour corrector before applying your foundation.
3. To widen and brighten watery eyes, use a white kohl eye pencil along the lower waterline and inner crease to make your eyes look bigger, fresher and more awake.
4. To help your eyes look fresh and natural despite your allergies, use a matte vanilla eyeshadow shade all over the lid, and a darker beige in the corner.
5. If you think your eyes could start streaming, use a good waterproof mascara, as this will stop your make-up from running down your face and giving you dark smudges under your eyes.
6. Combat puffy face by contouring with a bronzer and highlighter. Apply bronzer to the hollows of the cheek and temples, and use highlighter on the cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose to help disguise any puffiness.
7. A bright statement lip can help make your lips the focus of your face, taking attention away from puffy areas. Choose a vibrant colour that suits your skin tone."

Benadryl has teamed up with make-up artist Jo Freeman to give her top tips on how to combat Allergy Face. Benadryl has coined the term "Allergy Face" to describe the visible symptoms of allergies such as watery eyes, red nose and puffy face. For more information on allergies, visit If you wish to include any hashtags please use #allergyface and #benadryl
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Debrett’s x Bicester Village ‘The Future of Fashion and Etiquette’ Panel Discussion

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 30 March 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger

There is no doubt that fashion, style and etiquette go hand in hand. Tom Ford once said 'dressing well is a form of good manners'. In that light, never was there a marriage of two unions more perfect that Debrett's etiquette consultants and Bicester village, the luxury outlet village showcasing premium fashion brands at discounted prices. This year, the two institutions will partner on a bespoke book titled the 'Guide to British Style', depicting the history of British fashion and trends and providing insight into contemporary seasonal dress codes.


To celebrate the launch, I was invited to a panel discussion featuring some of Britain's style experts and influencers including Mary Portas, Richard E Grant, Lady Kitty Spencer and Debrett's stylist Tim Lord. Held at the Keeper's House at the Royal Academy, guests were treated to a sit-down breakfast of miniature mango and chia seed puddings, pineapple skewers, Croque Monsieur's and sweetcorn fritters topped with guacamole.

The panellists covered a range of questions delving into British fashion, and with such differing backgrounds and ages, opinions were varied. For example, Mary Portas had asked if Britain were to set up shop in any country around the world, what would our 'signature look' be, and what items would be on display? Does Britain have a 'signature style'? Richard E Grant definitively thought not, whereas Tim Lord was on the fence, and Lady Kitty Spencer perhaps thought hats would be our top export. Despite this, there is no doubt that Britain has lead the forefront on fashion trends for decades. Panellists agreed that Brits dress unapologetically, whereas countries like America lag behind the times, with Richard inputting that British men "are not fearful of looking anything less than four-square heterosexual, they dress with more individuality than their American counterparts".

Debretts BicesterVillage Launch---54

The floor opened up to questions ranging from casualisation in high fashion to production sustainability before guests left with potted hyacinth bulbs (to represent the growth of Bicester) and the Guide to British Style itself. The book comes in English, Arabic and Chinese, reflecting the origins of Bicester's cultural customers, and will be available to VIP customers at Bicester Village.

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Sea Containers Events launch party

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 23 March 2017
by Katrina Schollenberger

The Young Ladies of The Lady were recently invited to the launch of Sea Containers Events: two levels of function rooms at the Sea Containers building, created to accommodate a range of events against breath-taking views of London's skyline.

The event was managed by award-winning hospitality providers Green & Fortune, and the evening certainly didn't disappoint. The launch was held on the 12th and 13th floor of the Sea Containers, overlooking London's most iconic buildings. Upon arrival, my guest and I were greeted with a fruit-based vodka jelly segment and a passionfruit and chilli spritz before being escorted up to the 12th floor. We walked around demonstrative dining tables with beautiful layouts, business presentations, a LED dance floor and a large circular bar serving wine, beer and fantastic cocktails.


After weaving around and gaping at the views, we headed up to the 13th floor, walking up the stairs of an amphitheatre that could hold up to 200 people. There were canape stations dotted around the event with some great cooking including a carving station serving delicious warm lamb pittas. Other canapes making rounds at the event included venison, spiced apple and mulled wine sausage rolls, cured stone bass ceviche, tequila and lime dressing and salt chilli chicken with spiced pepper mayonnaise. Out of all the food of the evening, I particularly enjoyed the seafood display and 'Pudding Lane' full of fine miniature cakes and sweets. There was even edible mist on offer.



The evening's entertainment included an DJ, electric violinist, pianist, saxophone quartet, a photo booth and an illusionist who left my guest and I completely baffled. Among the six new spaces available for hire, you could envision how anything could come to life from a wedding reception to a corporate party. Rooms are capable of hosting up to 150 for dinner and 250 for cocktail receptions (there is an exclusive hire application for anything larger). The space's terraces and balconies stole the show, with an endless glittering London skyline to view for miles.

IMG 7693
As the evening came to an end, guests were given individually bottled and wax sealed barrel aged Negroni. An absolutely show-stopping evening.
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Lunchtime driving with Simon Dixon, founder of Rockar group

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 06 March 2017
by Victoria Senior

During a busy lunchtime on the roads in London I caught up with Simon Dixon, Founder of Rockar group. He is the CEO who is changing the way we think about buying cars and has created this premium automative company.

I'm typical of someone in my age group, used to going to a car showroom to find out more about a car and how to buy it. Admittedly the days of doing this on my own are over as my husband loves the challenge of buying a car, me, well yes I'm still intimidated by taking the car to the garage for repairs so anything to make me feel more comfortable about this process is welcome.

Simon picked me up from the offices in Covent Garden in the new Jaguar 4x4, the F-Pace. I was hopeful this car would be up there as the next family car to cart my three sons around with their ever growing sports paraphernalia, along with the dog. Space is my foremost need in a car, seconded, very closely, by the drive.


The Jaguar was a dream to drive. I was nervous on the busy roads in the West End of London, but its manoeuvrability was smooth and very quickly gave me confidence to weave between the traffic. The satnav was required as we crossed the river to head south, otherwise I would definitely have had the cameras on confirming the minuscule space between me and the many lorries. However, it transpired I did not need them as the wing mirrors are well placed for viewing the sides of the car. The suspension was firm but flexible enough to take the odd curb without me realising and Simon did not mind the car mounting the pavement to park up when there was no space outside the office!

The steering wheel was a bit small and I was not keen on the rear view as it looked as if I was viewing the roads behind through a telescope. It wouldn't fit our family and kit in comfortably but it's a great car that would be as useful in the city as on a long drive on the motorway or even through country lanes. Along the journey Simon told me about his vision for changing how cars are bought through showrooms. His new 'shops' are located in shopping malls, with cars in the multi storey car parks ready for test drives. These showrooms are designed for the younger audience with the digital space allowing the customer to browse touch screens. Everything can be done online before, during and after your visit.



Financial information regarding your purchase is available at your fingertips and there are as many women as there are men on the shop floor. The sale staff are called 'Angels' and are trained for three months before serving customers and none have a background in car sales. Their aim is to improve the overall customer experience and not push sales. I am yet to visit the store but am most intrigued to pop in and see how it works for me and how my 'stereotype' can benefit from this way of selling cars, additionally I am told the store takes inspiration from other fashion brands with constantly changing window displays. My husband might be harder to convince but he is the one who doesn't mind the old way of buying cars so much!

See more at 
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The Ultimate Facial at Chelsee Lewis

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 23 February 2017
by Annette Kellow 

When looking for a good facial it can be like throwing a needle in a haystack just by browsing through the many treatments available online. But one name that I kept seeing crop up was Chelsee Lewis who does the renowned Caci Facial, a lifting and toning treatment which astonishingly has been around since the 1970's.

Being a big beauty fan I had heard lots about this facial so simply had to try it, which has seen a revitalisation of late. I wanted someone who could also analyse my skin of which Chelsee offers in her bespoke Mayfair clinic as well as the treatment. After all, if I know my skin, I can know whats best for it!

She welcomed me into her cosy clinic which was conveniently tucked away behind Green Park and on arriving we instantly had an in depth consultation of my skin type, previous problems and what I ultimately hoped to achieve. We also spoke about my current skincare routine (I felt slightly naughty when I said I only did a face mask once a month!) and we discussed ways I could improve home care.

IMG 4644

She said the Caci facial (pronounced Casey) would be suitable for my skin, as it transmits micro-currents to the skin which plumps and lifts, something I was definitely needing with all the harsh winter wind!

She started by using a hydrating cleanser and then applied the toning wands which felt surprisingly relaxing. Infact it was so relaxing that if we weren't having a good chat about all things skin I could quite easily have nodded off! It is easy to assume that Caci could be painful as it transmits currents but it is quite the opposite and you hardly feel a thing.

Chelsee has been a facialist for over 20 years and she started at the prestigious Regis and Decleor where she found the science, beauty and treating of the skin walked hand in hand. Indeed her skin looked so pristine I had to pry into what her skincare routine was- I was genuinely blown away by how much it glowed!

IMG 4645

Afterwards she applied a Yonka moisturiser and I instantly saw a difference , this is the beauty of the Caci, the results can be seen right away. It is a treatment that needs maintenance and a course is recommended (which then goes into a monthly treatment).

If you are new to the Caci I highly recommend a clinic that will look directly at your skin and know the best way to treat it as it is such a personal treatment.

I particularly liked Chelsee's clinic as it has a quiet relaxing ambience, she herself has a wealth of information on skin maintenance and with no interruptions, it was the perfect getaway from a busy day in London.
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