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An evening at Aqua Shard with Sir David Attenborough

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 29 November 2016
by Annette Bellow

There's nothing quite like a room with a view, and the contemporary British restaurant The Shard can certainly boast of one of the best with a spectacular panoramic view of London. On hearing David Attenborough was to launch the buildings first eco-friendly Christmas tree, I couldn't wait to attend their first seasonal meal and talk- after all we are only a few weeks away from the big day!

I decided to dress in my Attenborough best i.e floral skirt and matching corsage but as it poured with rain en route I turned up looking like a soggy flower (not quite the look I was going for!) To add to that, my friend had transport problems and my battery died on my phone. But then the food arrived! Porcini risotto, swordfish and canapes- my mouth began watering at the delights on offer!

Located on the 31st floor of the building, this year instead of a traditional fir tree the restaurant is showcasing a 9 metre cascading installation designed using recycled 3d material by Timothy Hatton Architects.


Entitled Human Nature by Sir David Attenborough, it is held in the three storey atrium and is made up of thousands of prints of woodland leaves.

After Christmas the installation will be deconstructed into individual leaves and each one will be sold at the Fauna and Flora Charity, of which David has been a member for 60 years.

I loved the talk that Sir Attenborough gave. He spoke about the fragility of nature but also how our planet was to be celebrated.

Shortly after his speech the desserts came out- they were nature inspired too! Apple compote, chocolate twigs with 'soil' and honey ice-cream on top of almond crumble (of course I couldn't resist trying all three). This was finished with a mulled wine inspired cocktail adorned with a chocolate gold leaf.

Just as I was feeling pleasantly full and not minding that I was eating on my own, my friend turned up panting and out of breath. 'Did I miss anything?' she breathed, also soaked from the rain. Luckily I had saved some desserts for her too.

Human Nature will be on display from now until 1st January on the 31st floor at Aqua Shard.
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The Rekorderlig Cider Lodge at Southbank

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Wednesday, 23 November 2016
By Katrina Schollenberger

This week, as a young lady about town, I was eager to head to a festive event to get in the spirit of Christmas. Can you believe the big day is merely four weeks away?

I was thrilled to be invited to the cosy Rekoderlig Cider Lodge at the Winter Festival in Southbank. Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider, so I was excited to be amongst Scandinavian themed Christmas evening. The lodge was decorating in strings of fairy lights, tables and sofas, Christmas trees and of course, a bar. The outside had benches surrounding blazing roaring fires, as everyone huddled around them like penguins.


Inside, we were given three Rekorderlig bottle tops tokens to exchange for drinks of our choice. I opted for a strawberry-lime infused cocktail garnished with mint. I also sampled the new plum spice Rekoderlig flavour, warmed like mulled wine and very flavourful. Staff walked around in fluffy hats and snow boots handing out head warmers with printed snowflakes on them, it was a cute touch to what already felt like a little ski lodge, or a cottage in a cold forest!


As guests chatted amongst themselves, delicious canapes were brought around. They ranged from chicken pate, carrot and watercress bites to hot dogs with prawn mayo and an crispy onion relish and little pots of herb coated chips. There was even a peculiar beetroot canape making the rounds, and I almost went for one thinking it was something different.


One of the best parts about the lodge was the view over the rest of the Winter Festival. From the upstairs balcony, you can watch people mingling below, or scan what food you might like to try in the food huts. Have a drink, a nibble, and walk down Thames at sparkling Southbank- what more could you ask for from a London evening?
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A Song and Dance: Gypsy Musical DVD Is Released

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Tuesday, 22 November 2016
by Annette Kellow 

It's not every day you get whisked off to become a vintage showgirl, but in collaboration with Universal Pictures and the Gypsy Musical DVD release that's exactly what happened!

For those who are not familiar with Gypsy Rose Lee, she was a successful 1950's burlesque star and writer, using witty poetry in her performances and made several appearances in movies.

Ultimately her mother, Rose, was the mastermind behind her fast-paced show business career and the musical focuses on their often hectic relationship that life in the entertainment world brings.

After its successful run at The Savoy Theatre, Gypsy has been recorded in all it's stage glory and is now available to own on DVD.

Imelda Staunton (Maleficent, Harry Potter series) plays Momma Rose and Lara Pulver as Louise in Jonathan Kent's dazzling revival, which has received glowing five star reviews.

I was very excited to be discovering I would be turned into the character of Gypsy, which would be a throwback showgirl look. Infact I was so excited that I brought all of my vintage jewellery to the shoot and proceeded to empty the contents onto the props table (more is more, right?)


Lipstick and Curls, a beauty parlour team that specialises in all things vintage hair and makeup, coiffed my hair into 1950's waves whilst one of their talented makeup artists, Goshka, got to work on a shimmering set of makeup. I was very impressed with the contouring and blusher technique to give definition so tried to keep one eye open to see how it was done (apparently its all to do with the blending!)

After adding false lashes, red ostrich feathers and some sparkling costume diamonds we were ready to shoot- it felt very glamorous and apparently was the replica of Gypsy's stage look.

The team were telling jokes whilst the photos were being taken and I was tempted to burst into a little song and dance but didn't want to scare anyone (my singing is only fit for the shower really) so I just tried to smile instead.

After the shoot I decided to keep the makeup on, as I loved it so much. I stopped at the local farm shop on the way home to buy some mackerel with my dog, Dorothy. The man behind the counter asked if I was going anywhere nice and when I replied 'home' he said, 'Well, at least your making an effort for your dog, right?'

If only I could wear this makeup everyday- for me and for Dorothy!

Gypsy is out on Digital Download and DVD from 28th November, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).
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A Brief Excursion to the V & A’s Undressed Exhibition

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 14 November 2016
by Annette Kellow

I have always been a huge fan of corsets and vintage inspired shape wear so I was excited to view the Victoria and Albert's new Undressed exhibition, kindly invited by designer royalty herself, Fifi Chachnil.

The historical fashion of underwear has often been kept firmly under wraps and since it's introduction, the names and styles have changed dramatically.
For the first time in history underwear of many era's takes centre stage as the museum's curator, Edwina Ehrman illustrates a collection that spans from the Regency period to the modern day.

IMG 3711

On arriving we were whisked into the show and discovered that originally men were the first to wear underwear (which looked sort of like a nappy if I'm honest!), whilst women's first under garments were bustles and muslin petticoats.

The show is loosely chronological and focuses mainly on pieces from Europe and American culture. My favourite cabinet was the one that held different styles of corsets, from Victorian hunting attire to more modern waist cinchers. They even has an x ray of a women's ribs in 1908 which were severely squished! And it was well known that women sometimes fainted from the tight lacing.

IMG 3714

I was very interested in the way women's shapes have changed, influencing a different style of underwear for each period. Sometimes it was favoured to make the waist smaller, sometimes bigger, the 20's being kept relatively waif and the 50's more voluptous..

My magpie eye went into overdrive when I spied a corset made by the Parisian designer Mr. Pearl for Dita Von Teese's vintage show. It was covered in hundreds of Swarovski, which sparkled under the lights and showed his craftsmanship of intricate labour.

IMG 3713

Other famous items included Kylies showgirl costume and Kate Moss's revealing silver dress which was worn at an Elite Models party in 1993.

The exhibition is sponsored by Agent Provocateur and also shows some of their more recent pieces, including vintage style stockings and shape wear. This exhibition is perfect for fans of fashion and history and so good we went around twice to view!
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Ma’Plucker’s #FestiveAfternoonTea

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 11 November 2016
written by Katrina Schollenberger

This week, I had the pleasure of being invited down to Ma'Plucker in Soho to sample their new festive afternoon tea menu. With my foodie friend Sofia in tow, we eagerly anticipated all the delicious things we were going to get to try. Ma'Plucker is a restaurant serving up the best part of Deep South soul food: the chicken. Order it rotisserie style, pulled or buttermilk dipped, you can get it served on a waffle, bun or on a salad base with all kinds of sauces. It's a chicken lover's heaven. What was the festive menu going to have in store?

Sofia and I were delighted to be greeted with cranberry margaritas as we arrived at Ma'Pluckers. After a few minutes mingling with the other guests, we were eager to try the evening's menu. It was served to us bite-sized on a platter, and featured three mini chicken burgers on brioche buns:

• One with coronation pulled chicken and lettuce
• One with BBQ rotisserie chicken and BBQ sauce/mayo
• One with fried chicken and cranberry sauce

IMG 5221

Dessert was also served on the platter with the chicken, so we could pick and choose what we wanted to nibble on. This included:

• A mini waffle with jam and whipped cream (Ma'Scoffle)
• A sugar dusted mince pie
• Salted caramel donuts


We also got to try a side of the crack'n'cheese: deep fried mac n cheese balls. I could've eaten the entire plate. Out of the savoury/sweet festive spread, I enjoyed the BBQ rotisserie chicken the most, followed by the Ma'Scoffle waffle. The food was accompanied by a large jug of the frozen margarita, so the food was washed down well.

The only fault I saw in the menu was the lack of warmth, as the mini dishes were served cold. It was more reminiscent of a summer feel, despite the Christmas flavours. I would have liked to see some fresh, warm crispy chicken on offer, but it only left me wanting to come back and try more of the main menu.
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