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The London Shooting Club partners with Home House

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 17 July 2015
Trying to get that balance of Town / Country living is hard in London, especially if like me you want to get back into shooting but don't want to dedicate your whole weekend to it. Joining the London Shooting Club is a brilliant solution– based at West London Shooting School, located at the end of the central line at Northolt with a quick cab ride, or if you're driving, 20-40 minutes from West London. The school is based on a country house, the setting is low key in traditional way with a large wooden table for guns, cartridge bags and weekend papers when you walk in. Framed prints of country scenes and battered furniture make it a relaxed vibe, and lots of men – and I'm pleased to say an awful lot of women – walking around in tweed and jeans with cups of tea and coffee . There's a few dogs sniffing about – 2 of which I'd brought along, my Jack Russell puppy and his lab pal – both on their first introduction to shooting.

The London Shooting Club was hosting an event for Home House, the private member's club and I had joined them for a refresher day. Some guests had never picked up a gun before, whilst others wanted to recharge their skills. I'd shot a lot in my early twenties but latterly on various clay shoots in the country; for me it's wonderful way to keep my love of country sports but without the killing aspect. The tutors at West London are superb, - you're matched with a gun suitable for your skills, simple but vital. A gun that's too powerful will kick back on your shoulder and can cause serious damage over time. I was matched with a 20 bore – often called a 'ladies gun' it's small and light but does a neat job and is easily to handle . Those who regularly shoot can be snobby about using a 12 bore or particular make, but as some of the boys found out, my 20 bore outshot many of them. The skill lies with the shooter, not the gun!

The tutors at the school are patient in explaining all things to you, and work at your level – making some feel confident in handling the gun, in others correcting bad habits, and with all helping train that coordination so that everyone hit a decent amount of shots. A great trainer makes all the difference, Paul was our expert instructor and the care and appreciation for his sport made a huge impression on us all that day and I could definitely see a marked improvement on my shots as we moved along the different target ranges. The mix of 'rabbit' 'pheasant' and 'woodcock' clays that fly out of traps and behind trees tests all skills and reaction times and is also perfect if you want to use as warm up to game shooting.

By the end of the day the two teams were set head-to-head and the competitive nature ran rampant as the guests engaged in a flurry competition to finish. I'm pleased to say that if you look closely at the picture you'll see me on the right hitting the 'flare' orange clay, with much furore to some of the boys who hadn't even loaded !

If you've never tried clay shooting it's a great way to be sociable and know that you are in safe expert hands too. The London Shooting Club does a variety of shooting days and packages tailored for all skills and prices points; from a ladies day with Purdey to a grouse courses for the more advanced. They link with various estates for the full country experience and are happy to help with large groups. Will I be going back? I love the idea of a 'simulated shoot' they hold where you combine the full on formality of a traditional shoot but with clays. That's an ideal combination for me and the more I've learnt, the more I want to shoot. And my dogs? They haven't stopped talking about it yet !

BNP Tennis Classic at Hurlington

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Thursday, 25 June 2015
Ah the sounds of summer and the BNP Paribas Hurlingham Tennis Classics; - the chink of champagne glasses, the gentle thump pf the tennis ball being lobbed across a net, me shouting “GORAN I LOVE YOU” as Mr Ivanisevic comes on court. I love this place and not just because my sporting crush gave me a wink, the big 6’4’ Croatian tease.

Hurlingham is the fabulous location for this secret pre-Wimbledon warm up, an oasis of duck ponds and 42 acres of gardens, manicured croquet lawns and a Georgian country house setting this is where the elite of South London come to get away from it all. Stepping into this private member’s club is like stepping into the private world of the tennis players and coaches where only the great and the good are allowed. Greats such as Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Boris Becker, Pete Sampras and Maria Sharapova have previously played, legends this year including Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski will casually walk past you in the bar before playing a game by the rose garden. The up and coming ATP Players will sweat it out for those key extra games before Wimbledon starts; this is where the names of the future are made, and those of who carved out a slice of tennis history all come together.

The whole event is dreamy, we snuggled into our seats with some Pimms and watched a great opener of hot newcomer the 18 year old Grigor Dimitrov comfortably win his match, I say newcomer but he’s is the youngest player inside the World’s top 20, and in 2014 reached his first Grand Slam semi-final at Wimbledon painfully knocking out then defending Champion Andy Murray in straight sets. He’s a future legend in the making.

For the official legends double match the PR team very kindly giving me a seat directly behind the lusciousness of Goran – I was a whisker away from leaping over the fence and giving a big hug before security gave me a knowing look. The sun shone, we watched brilliant tennis and it was just all wonderfully relaxing. if you want to see great tennis up close and personal then come to Hurlingham, it’s exactly how a quintessentially British sports event should be run.
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Barts Sixth Birthday

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Wednesday, 13 May 2015
Last month speakeasy, Barts, in South Kensington celebrated their sixth birthday.

Barts was the first project from Inception Group (who also own Cahoots, Mr Fogg's and Maggie's) , and is credited with putting the American speakeasy trend firmly on the map in London, being one of the first of its kind to open in London.

I was lucky enough to go along to the evening and help celebrate by raising a glass (more like six!) of Moët & Chandon.
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Stress free cooking

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Young Ladies About Town
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on Friday, 01 May 2015
I love cooking. There really is nothing I love more than rustling something tasty up from scratch for myself or friends. But on a weeknight, after work, if I'm really honest, I usually find myself reaching for the pasta and a jar of pesto. Essentially, I really can't be bothered to cook something exciting, or from scratch, on a school night.

Luckily there are people out there who want to get us cooking great meals with less of the stress. And so Marley Spoon, the recipe kit delivery service, came to my rescue.

Recipe kits are nothing new but one of the great things I loved about this was there was the option of an evening delivery, meaning I wouldn't have to be late for work or leave early so I could wait for the delivery.


I opted for the sticky chilli and ginger salmon with pak choi, rice and sesame seeds and the maple pork with sweet potato mash and greens.

When it arrived I loved that 90% of the contents came in cardboard or paper bag packaging – since living in my own place I've turned into a person who is obsessed with recycling so was (quite sadly I guess) excited about all the recyclables.

The salmon was the first dish my housemate and I decided to try. The recipe card, complete with step by step cooking guidelines accompanied with pictures, gives the preparation and cooking time for the dish. I found it took slightly less time on both accounts, but that might be because a) we were really hungry, of b) I have a fan assisted oven so things tend to cook quicker. I would like to have seen temperatures for fan assisted ovens on the recipe cards but it really wasn't the end of the world.


We both loved the salmon and the portion sizes were really reasonable. You could easily have worked it to feed a third person if need be.

The second dish of the maple pork I had two friends around so decided to see if my theory that the dishes could stretch to make three good sized portions was right. We didn't use the winter greens that were sent to go with the dish. This is mainly because I had this dish a few days after the box arrived and the greens were looking a little worse for wear. Nothing some broccoli and asparagus from the local shop didn't sort though.

Unlike with the salmon, I found the pork needed slightly longer cooking but other than that the dish was once again incredibly easy to prepare and cook. You know how good a meal is when you're eating with friends but there is complete silence; the pork was totally epic. Out of the two dishes it was definitely my favourite. And I was totally right about the portions, we all had a healthy meal in front of us.


Marley Spoon recipe kits come in at £5.50 per meal so they are definitely something I'd treat myself to every now and then. Even if my housemate and I didn't split the cost of a kit, it's still great value.

Thanks for a great dinner!

NB I was intending to take pictures of the dishes but on both occasions they looked so great, well I sort of...forgot. Huge apologies but considering I couldn't wait to dive in and try each dish is surely a sign that they were great meals!

Melonie Clarke

Please Mind the Gap

Posted by Young Ladies About Town
Young Ladies About Town
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on Monday, 09 March 2015
As a young lady about town, there is little more I enjoy than sampling new drinking establishments that pop up around London.

As a young lady about town who is just a bit of a vintage enthusiast and a lindy hop dancer, a drinking hole that sates both my passion for vintage and dancing, well I couldn't grab my coat and head down quick enough!


Cahoots in Kingly Court is that new watering whole.

Hidden below the streets of Soho, Cahoots is the latest addition the Inception Group's arsenal and if you ask me, it's their best offering to date.


The outbreak of war meant that a number of disused underground stations were turned into air raid shelters and Londoners would transform the spaces into a 'home away from home', with their own nick-nacks and furnishings. There would often be a makeshift bar so people could drink, dance and generally boost morale during the Blitz.

This venue aims to bring the illicit and nocturnal escapades from the era and those shelters back to life.


Once you have found the venue (I got completely lost and had to call the venue and hysterically scream down the phone that I was lost and I needed assistance – yep I know, oh so cool) you will be transported back in time to post-war 1940s in a disused underground tube station.

There are a number of fabulous cocktails to be enjoyed (the list really is HUGE, more than 45! The Vera Lynne is my personal favourite), Blitz spirit themed snacks – SPAM sandwiches anyone?, and live music; Le Bistrotet (who are signed to the same label as the more notorious The Top Shelf Band) fronted by the dashing rogue Fred Snow, kept the crowd entertained with their naughty style of the inter-war French Manouche swing-jazz sound.

cahootsLe Bistrotet

The attention to details when it comes to the décor is astounding. I dread to think how much they spent but it is certainly worth it. Stairs disguised as classic style wooden escalators lead you downstairs, a vintage train carriage, 1940s tube carriage seats, and of course a bit of bunting all make for a fab venue. Even those who aren't lovers of vintage would find it hard not to be impressed by this venue.


As a dancer, a somewhat large fan of vintage, and a lover of jazz, Cahoots doesn't get much better.
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