by Annette Kellow 

It's not every day you get whisked off to become a vintage showgirl, but in collaboration with Universal Pictures and the Gypsy Musical DVD release that's exactly what happened!

For those who are not familiar with Gypsy Rose Lee, she was a successful 1950's burlesque star and writer, using witty poetry in her performances and made several appearances in movies.

Ultimately her mother, Rose, was the mastermind behind her fast-paced show business career and the musical focuses on their often hectic relationship that life in the entertainment world brings.

After its successful run at The Savoy Theatre, Gypsy has been recorded in all it's stage glory and is now available to own on DVD.

Imelda Staunton (Maleficent, Harry Potter series) plays Momma Rose and Lara Pulver as Louise in Jonathan Kent's dazzling revival, which has received glowing five star reviews.

I was very excited to be discovering I would be turned into the character of Gypsy, which would be a throwback showgirl look. Infact I was so excited that I brought all of my vintage jewellery to the shoot and proceeded to empty the contents onto the props table (more is more, right?)


Lipstick and Curls, a beauty parlour team that specialises in all things vintage hair and makeup, coiffed my hair into 1950's waves whilst one of their talented makeup artists, Goshka, got to work on a shimmering set of makeup. I was very impressed with the contouring and blusher technique to give definition so tried to keep one eye open to see how it was done (apparently its all to do with the blending!)

After adding false lashes, red ostrich feathers and some sparkling costume diamonds we were ready to shoot- it felt very glamorous and apparently was the replica of Gypsy's stage look.

The team were telling jokes whilst the photos were being taken and I was tempted to burst into a little song and dance but didn't want to scare anyone (my singing is only fit for the shower really) so I just tried to smile instead.

After the shoot I decided to keep the makeup on, as I loved it so much. I stopped at the local farm shop on the way home to buy some mackerel with my dog, Dorothy. The man behind the counter asked if I was going anywhere nice and when I replied 'home' he said, 'Well, at least your making an effort for your dog, right?'

If only I could wear this makeup everyday- for me and for Dorothy!

Gypsy is out on Digital Download and DVD from 28th November, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).