A monthly event that caters for all things fashion and fabulous, (hello pink ├ęclairs) whilst drawing on the traditional values of Christian Dior's 1947 show.

I was accompanied by friend and fellow tea addict Millicent Binks. On arrival we felt like we were walking into a real life film set. Vintage Bentleys were parked outside, a beautiful ornate fountain and the tinkling of a grand piano was just enough to make you believe it was the 1940's.
I have always been a fan of The Savoy, known for its patriotic glamour and iconic affiliations with fashion whilst the quintessential tradition of afternoon tea is the perfect pastime.

After stopping by the salons beautiful flower display for a few impromptu photos and selfies, we were taken to a table underneath a stunning glass dome.


The night before we had urgently conferred with frantic texts about our outfits (big earrings or small earrings? Hair down or huge hat?) So we decided to wear vintage style dresses designed by Mariya Ivanova to fit in with the classic backdrop.

We were instantly in heaven when our kind waiter promptly brought out a tier of sandwiches. After eating just a few (well O.K, about five) the show began with a ripple of applause.

Suzie Turner garments are enough to make the most seasoned couture wearer gasp. A selection of gowns embellished with Swarovski, Lace and feathers were shown by beautiful classic looking models. They also interacted frequently with their captivated audience, one even sitting down at a table for a quick recline!
Suzie has dressed some of the most exquisite woman in the world including Emma Weymouth, Emily Blunt and Elllie Golding. Her gowns have also graced the pages of Tatler, Vogue and Royal Ascot campaigns.

After Millicent and I played a game of which ones were our favourite (and naturally social occasions to wear them) they brought out the most delicious selection of Suzie embellished Cakes- all decorated with her name!


Whilst we indulged, photographer Martin Parr took a few photos of us for his ongoing Savoy project, which I am excited to see, as it will be showcasing a selection of visitors at the hotel.

The combination of couture fashion in a bespoke salon is a unique and wonderful idea and great for a spot of socialising.

And as they say, you can't buy happiness but you can buy tea- and that's sort of the same thing, right?