by Katrina Schollenberger 

This week, I headed to the Charlotte Street Hotel to attend a private screening of Bridget Jones Baby, as the home entertainment release of the movie came out Monday 30th January courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).

As guests arrived and settled into their cinema seats, we were offered wine and delicious canapes. There were also some famous faces in attendance at the screening, including Linzi Stoppard, Fiona Wade, Carol Kirkwood, Nell Hudson, Sonali Shah and X Factor's Honey G.


Before the screening, we were treated to a dating seminar by love guru James Preece (the UK's version of Jack Qwant, as played by the very suave Patrick Dempsey). He gave us essential tips for online dating and using apps like Tinder, as digital dating nowadays seems to be the best way to find a partner. He mentioned that in our array of pictures we put up on social media, we should always post a smiling picture to seem more approachable, as well as a photo engaging in an interest or activity as a conversation starter.

James said to attract potential suitors; we must let our guard down and have the confidence to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Talk to people in coffee shops, head to bars alone, make more eye contact, and go to singles events. He also said once we do secure dates, they shouldn't last longer than 90 minutes, so as to leave an air of mystery and the chance to follow up on learning more about the person.

I found his speech quite interesting and insightful into the world of dating. He then opened up the floor to questions, where women and men alike posed their dating woes to him. He struck confidence into everyone to get up, get out, get going, and look all around us, as a potential date could be anywhere. Most importantly, he reminded us to be ourselves, just as Bridget Jones unapologetically is.


We then got comfortable to watch the movie. Having seen the Bridget Jones Baby already in the cinema, I was quite excited to watch it again, as I had enjoyed it so much the first time. It really was like bringing it home on DVD and re enjoying my favourite parts, although with more people... and more wine.