Peggy-Porschen-SideEbury Street in Belgravia is one of Londons oldest street’s. The SW1 location is a popular shopping and café district but there is one particular parlour that always catches my eye, mainly because of it’s pastel pink décor and sweet elegant treats. It is of course, Peggy Porschen, a go-to pit stop for all things cake!

On hearing that they had introduced a selection of Christmas goodies I invited my friend Hannah, telling her we were having cake for breakfast which she heartily agreed to (no coaxing needed whatsoever).

Normally they have a halo of flowers cascading down the exterior but this has recently been replaced with shiny baubles and silver decorations. It can only mean one thing- Christmas has officially landed!

Peggy is renowned for her stunning designs and delicious tastes with her parlour opening in 2010.  She has acquired an enviable client list including Elton John, Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow and even high society and Royals. She also has a cake academy where all levels can learn the art of cake making and design.

Inside there are beautiful displays of cakes, hand iced biscuits, macarons and cupcakes in glass containers. At one point there was even a queue of people who wanted to take photos of the door (yes, it is totally Instagram worthy and looks like a vintage sweet shop!)


I started with the mouthwatering Strawberry and champagne cake, which I decided would be ‘perfect for a party.’ Afterwards I tried the salted caramel cupcake ( ‘because caramel goes with anything’) then a snowman biscuit (‘it's Christmas’) with a huge pot of tea (‘you can’t have biscuits without tea!’) finishing with a festive coffee (‘well, they do decorate them with snowflakes.’) Luckily my friend Hannah had equally as many treats because we had decided one simply wasn’t enough!


The parlour is also perfect to sit and talk in a relaxing atmosphere. As we had brought my dog Dorothy she soon curled up and fell asleep in my lap (in dog terms that’s her seal of approval). Everything that came out was like a work of art. From the crockery to the design of the cakes, the taste, the décor, and ambience all contributed to the Peggy Porschen experience. Perfect not just for Christmas but all year round.