by Katrina Schollenberger

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to try one of Monty Bojangle's most indulgent Christmas treats- two festive 'freakshakes'- at Muriel's Kitchen in Soho.

'Freakshakes' are a gluttonous dessert/drink combination usually consisting of a blended milkshake topped with a mountain of cream, ice cream, brownie, cake, fruit and other sweet treats. It is thought the freakshake trend started in Canberra, Australia before catching on in Newcastle, but nowadays, the overindulgent, overloaded milkshakes can be found almost anywhere in the UK.

The particular freakshakes I got to try were the Milky Mischief hardshake (with a shot of dark spiced rum for good measure!) and the Berry Bubbly freakshake, both using Monty Bojangles tasty truffles. 


The Milky Mischief was quite intense, a good choice for coffee and rum lovers. As a girl with more of a sweet, fruity palette, I couldn't get enough of the Berry Bubbly. Both shakes were topped with mountains of cream, sauce, chocolate shards, candy crumbles and a large straw. Monty Bojangles hit the nail on the head with the recipes, as they were as every bit delicious as they looked. 

If you find yourself near Muriel's Kitchen in the Richmond, Soho and South Kensington area, do yourself a festive favour and try one of these moreish freakshakes! If you're not near those locations, follow the recipe to create your own Monty Bonjangles freakshake at home: 


3 Scoops ice cream
5 x Milky Mischief truffles
50 ml Spiced rum
50 ml Espresso shot

Whipped cream
Different coloured chocolate shards (milk and dark chocolate)
Grated Milky Mischief truffles
Whole Milky Mischief truffles
White snowflake decorations
Blue straw


125ml milk
5 x Berry Bubbly truffles
Popping candy

Whipped Cream
Red and White chocolate shards
Whole Berry Bubbly truffles
Popping candy
Red and white snowflake decorations
Red Straw

Whizz all of the ingredients together in a blender and decorate with whipped cream and chocolatey goodness as you please!

The Monty Bojangles Milky Mischief Freakshake and Berry Bubbly Freakshake will be available exclusively at Muriel's Kitchen throughout December 2016 (Milky Mischief Freakshake RRP £12.50 and the Berry Bubbly Freakshake RRP £8.50)