Walking along Frith Street to one of London's oldest hotels, Hazlitt's, I excitedly arrived with the instructions to knock three times on Lord Willoughby's suite and wait for the door to open.

The mysterious anticipation was revealed once I was lead in and given a cool glass of bubbly. Inside I discovered a secret haven that only those with the knocking code could see- Fifi Chachnils new lingerie launch held exclusively at the hotel.

Fifi Chachnil is a Parisian lingerie and clothing designer who uses the finest angora, lace and silk to create feminine pieces with exceptional classic techniques.

She is also not shy of showmanship- being the muse of Pierre et Gills and a celebrated French singer her launches are always a fun and fabulously feminine rendezvous.

The underwear and clothing hung beautifully on display throughout the 17th century suite and guests were encouraged to try it on and show each other!

There were journalists, designers, bloggers, dancers and actors- Infact it seemed to be swiftly turning into one big girlie slumber party!


As I am a huge fan of Fifi's angora 1950's style cardigans after some encouragement I decided to try one on (which swiftly turned into four) as they do them in many pastel colours. As I had come with fellow blogger and ballet dancer Robert Noble, he began playing stylist and telling me what skirts and accessories worked best- all aided with a glass of champagne, of course!

It was the perfect setting for such a soirée, a bronze pink bathtub with a four poster bed (yes please) although I wasn't quite sure if there was a friendly ghost as a window suddenly shut and a door opened on it's own!

Then Fifi herself turned up, much to everyone's delight.

Her pieces have graced the cover of Vogue and Grazia with fans such as Jerry Hall and Tamsin Egerton.

As I had brought my camera with me we decided to do an impromptu shoot (they're always the best!), which was fun to see all the other ladies dressed in their Fifi outfits.

I'm pleased to say the photos came out well and my bank balance wasn't too dented after the launch. Everyone left with a little bit more glamour and elegance in their lives and Fifi kept her guests entertained throughout the night in a thoroughly French affair- Oh la la!