by Annette Kellow

The Savoy hotel is associated with many luxury things. Afternoon tea, cocktails, dinner, Theatre, architecture and always annual creative festivities. I had never heard of an ice rink installation being in the hotel but that is exactly what they have curated for this years Christmas theme!

Aptly named 'Dreaming of a pink Christmas' it is a Louis Roederer installation whilst in the foyer they have a 15ft Boodles tree complete with hundreds of pink bows (somebody help me!)

I also heard they were doing special Christmas cocktails so after a little light retail therapy my friend and fellow writer Millicent Binks decided to head over to the Savoy to see exactly what it was all about.


On entering the reception we discovered a winter wonderland of treats. The Boodles tree with a 'diamonds and ice' theme was made of cut glass mirror and bespoke pink decorations. Even the dog statues had pink bows around their necks and there was a pink post box to post all your Christmas wishes to Santa!

Louis Roederer, a family owned champagne house since 1776, collaborated with The Savoy to create the rink installation whilst the hotel also commissioned london creative agency, We are Family, to make a life size spinning dancer which continuously pirouettes underneath the bauble adorned gazebo.

IMG 8078

We wrote down quite a few wishes (but I can't tell you them or they won't come true) then took photos by the tree, wandered over to the ice installation whilst juggling our heavy shopping bags. There is also a small Boodle's boutique which we couldn't resist taking a peek in. But alas, all this walking in heels with big bags was beginning to hurt my feet.

'Time for a cocktail?' Millicent asked. After our hard work admiring the delights at The Savoy, we felt it only best that we settle down to a classic glass of Louis' finest fizz. That's my workout out for the day done.