by Annette Kellow

It's that time of year again! Wisteria Hysteria, blossom on the trees and of course the Chelsea Flower Show is just around the corner- Flower season is officially upon us! So when I heard that Jo Loves (the new fragrance created by Jo Malone) was collaborating with cake specialist Peggy Porschen, I simply had to find out what it was all about.

Arriving at Peggy Porschen parlour on Ebury Street, my friend and I were ushered to a table surrounded by delicious pink blossom and shelves displaying biscuit boxes and cookbooks. We waited in anticipation for the Jo Loves Peggy experience to begin, and were told only one thing, that we were going to have a feast for the senses!


First we were brought a tall glass of pink sparkling tea (which my dog seemed to think was for her for some reason) of which came infused with Moët or sparkling water depending on taste.

Then the cupcakes arrived. These matched the fragrance and the tea (white rose and lemon) and they smelt utterly divine!

Laid out on a plate was an array of things- edible flowers, citrus sugar dust, rose spray and perfume- I wasn't sure how it all worked but all was revealed on a card, 'How to create your own rose and lemon cupcake.' Time to get creative!

Firstly I took an edible flower which was then sprayed with pure rose water, dipped into the dust which looked quite like glitter (and also edible, yum). Then using a Jo Malone brush it could be dusted away afterwards- it was like pure playtime but in the most glamorous grownup way!

IMG 4014

I got a little carried away and put on extra citrus dust and then the piece di resistance is to spray the Jo Loves perfume onto your wrist whilst eating cake- incorporating scent into the eating experience. It was fabulously Marie Antoinette and we had so much fun indulging with all the brushes and sprays- even my dog, Dorothy got a few chunks of dust on her nose!

This particular cupcake and Jo Loves experience took careful planning and Peggy herself spent detailed time with her head chef to create one of her most unique cake experiences yet. The perfume is also a delicious spring smell perfect to wear for our warmer days ahead. Next stop, Chelsea Flower Show!

The Jo Loves X Peggy Porschen White Rose and Lemon experience is available at Peggy Porschen, Ebury Street. Reservations are recommended