written by Katrina Schollenberger

This week, I had the pleasure of being invited down to Ma'Plucker in Soho to sample their new festive afternoon tea menu. With my foodie friend Sofia in tow, we eagerly anticipated all the delicious things we were going to get to try. Ma'Plucker is a restaurant serving up the best part of Deep South soul food: the chicken. Order it rotisserie style, pulled or buttermilk dipped, you can get it served on a waffle, bun or on a salad base with all kinds of sauces. It's a chicken lover's heaven. What was the festive menu going to have in store?

Sofia and I were delighted to be greeted with cranberry margaritas as we arrived at Ma'Pluckers. After a few minutes mingling with the other guests, we were eager to try the evening's menu. It was served to us bite-sized on a platter, and featured three mini chicken burgers on brioche buns:

• One with coronation pulled chicken and lettuce
• One with BBQ rotisserie chicken and BBQ sauce/mayo
• One with fried chicken and cranberry sauce

IMG 5221

Dessert was also served on the platter with the chicken, so we could pick and choose what we wanted to nibble on. This included:

• A mini waffle with jam and whipped cream (Ma'Scoffle)
• A sugar dusted mince pie
• Salted caramel donuts


We also got to try a side of the crack'n'cheese: deep fried mac n cheese balls. I could've eaten the entire plate. Out of the savoury/sweet festive spread, I enjoyed the BBQ rotisserie chicken the most, followed by the Ma'Scoffle waffle. The food was accompanied by a large jug of the frozen margarita, so the food was washed down well.

The only fault I saw in the menu was the lack of warmth, as the mini dishes were served cold. It was more reminiscent of a summer feel, despite the Christmas flavours. I would have liked to see some fresh, warm crispy chicken on offer, but it only left me wanting to come back and try more of the main menu.