by Annette Kellow 

O.K I have a small confession to share with you. I'm rubbish at looking after my nails. It starts with the best of intentions but then I get so busy it all goes out the window. I normally forget about the hand cream, leave my nail varnish on far too long and pushing the cuticles back doesn't even get a mention.

So when I heard that Sophie Gass does a luxury shellac manicure I thought it was high time I went and revitalised myself at her Notting Hill salon.


Located conveniently at the top of Ladbroke Grove and set in a beautiful white open space, my nail technician Rebecca instantly welcomed me, sitting me down with a drink and a friendly chat. She could tell that I had recently had falsies on and had taken it upon myself to remove them (a big no no in the nail world!) and I tried to use the busy excuse again (not sure it washed).

So she started by buffing, filing and cutting cuticles. Then after picking out a lovely peach shimmer she gave me the full shellac treatment, which I had never tried before.
This involves using a different technique to your standard manicure, applying a gel polish, which is cured under a UV light and lasts up to a month. Up to a month? And keeps the nails harder and firmer without chipping? Sounded like heaven for a lazy bones like me!


She applied the layers of polish and set the nails under the lamp, which I found went very fast (normal manicures often take double the amount of time). Then she went on to give me a rose infused hand massage that felt utterly dreamy and smelt divine.

I loved that Sophie Gass also sells her own line of clothes and home accessories, all displayed in a classic and minimalistic way throughout the shop. So whilst your topping up your polish you can also top up your home décor- I shall definitely be back!