by Annette Kellow 

Although I love hair products, conditioning treatments and pampering my locks, I have a confession to make that sometimes it all goes out the window when I get busy. I do try to look after my hair to keep on top of the maintenance but it doesn't always happen, resulting in dry ends that have a tendency to frizz (not a good look I must admit!)

Last week was one of those moments. I had a hair cut booked but had to cancel because of work commitments and because of that, I felt like it wasn't looking it's best. So when I had the opportunity to attend Easton Regal Hair Salon for the launch of the new Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Micellar Cleansing Conditioners I meekly hoped there was something they could do.
I was greeted by a very friendly Gary Taylor, an award winning world champion in acclaimed hairdressing techniques and Schwarzkopf ambassador. After an in depth consultation he explained exactly how he was going to tame my wild tresses (there was light at the end of the tunnel after all!)

Gary informed me that BC Bonacure Cleansing Conditioner is a rotation of wash, otherwise known as a co-wash, and is a shampoo and conditioner in one, giving the hair a gentler yet perfected daily care. The co-wash regime enables the natural oils in the scalp to be restored using the Micellar Technology which lifts oils and dirt gently, transporting them through water. Because the hair is not being washed daily it doesn't strip the natural moisture of the hair and locks in natural shine.

It is also sulphate-free and is meant to be used every third wash, giving it the perfect blend of conditioning and cleansing.


As he washed my hair, the aroma smelt like a heavenly mix of botanical flowers and also didn't lather (a sign of less harsh chemicals and more goodness to the hair follicle).

I also loved the way he washed my hair! He explained the technique of moving around the scalp in a massage like motion which by using the product can help reverse three years of damage to the hair.

I certainly needed it being that I dye my hair often and use heated rollers with setting lotion on a regular basis!

Gary also informed me that the product is good for people who like to 'live their life, are busy and don't always have the time,' (a perfect description of my everyday movements then!) as the product is not meant to be used every single wash.

Next came the styling. He gave my hair a long wavy blow dry with soft curls and a side sweep. His technique on drying the hair using a rounded brush resulted in instant waves and I tried to take notes so I could copy him back at home.

He didn't use very much product (something I have found other hairdressers sometimes pile on but doesn't keep the hair so fresh). By keeping it lighter and letting the BC Bonacure Cleansing do the work it would ensure my hair stays softer and shiner for longer.

I certainly did feel much happier after the mini-makeover that Gary gave me and that using the co-wash at home would also keep the transformation and maintenance going for longer. I had never used this type of product before but BC Bonacure has definitely changed my mind about washing when your off being a busy bee, especially as it makes people look like they've spent hours on their hair!

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Conditoners are currently available from Schwarzkopf retailers and salons.