by Katrina Schollenberger

Sushi is not only a staple of Japanese cuisine, but is loved by Brits across the nation. Murakami is a Japanese favourite of the Covent Garden area in London, and they recently opened their doors to welcome guests to a master sushi making class.

IMG 3602

Arriving at Murakami with my guest, we filled up on fresh sushi made by the chefs including California rolls, Murakami rolls, softshell crab rolls and more. We were treated to a glass of sake before settling into our places, putting on our plastic gloves and being greeted by Murakami's head sushi chef.

IMG 3604

In the class we were to be making salmon avocado rolls, crab cucumber rolls and salmon/prawn nigiri. We began by rolling hot sticky sushi rice into a small ball before spreading it across a sheet of nori. The nori was already placed atop a bamboo mat that was to become our rolling utensil. After the rice was spread, we sprinkled sesame seeds, and placed strips of fresh avocado and salmon in the centre of the rice.

IMG 3611

The rolling process worked in three steps, 'squaring off' the sushi at each turn. It wasn't an easy feat at first, but with the help of the head chef, the group managed to each perfect their rolls. We moved onto our crab/cucumber rolls before trying our hand at nigiri, which was much simpler to make. Having rolled another small ball of sticky rice, the trick was to mould the rice almost into a rectangular shape with an arch where the fresh piece of fish would sit, stuck on with wasabi.

All in all the class was fun, different, and I learned a new skill I never thought I was capable of. The sushi was absolutely delicious, too, if I do say so myself!