by Katrina Schollenberger

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited down to Jamie Aston Flowers on behalf of Tesco's to attend a Valentine's Day floristry workshop. Having never attempted to arrange flowers in my life, I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity. I love being creative, and who doesn't love flowers?


Arriving at the shop, I was met with a glass of fizz and nibbles in heart shaped bowls. The smell, as you can imagine, was gorgeous- the shop was teeming with beautiful Tesco's flower arrangements and scented candles. After a bit of chatter amongst guests, we were greeted by Tesco's head florist Michelle Buck as well as Jamie Aston himself, who were going to lead us through the two hour workshop.


We pulled up our seats at listened tentatively as Jamie and Michelle guided us through the two arrangements we were going to be making that evening: the Finest Midnight Temptation bouquet, and a heart oasis arrangement using Red Naomi roses, among other beautiful flowers.
First, Jamie and Michelle talked us through their floristic backgrounds, while Jamie prepared for the demonstration. He began creating the Midnight Temptation arrangement by placing two tall black candles in the centre of the oasis. Next, he trimmed and added compacta leaf foliage to the oasis, as well as purple spray stocks. He finished with a few purple calla lillies and lilac roses, as well as a cute sparkly butterfly for additional flare. It was interesting to learn that Jamie himself had never actually received flowers in his life...but I could understand how that would be an intimidating task as the giver!

Next came the heart arrangement. Conscious of time, Jamie hastily cut red Naomi roses from their long stems (sans thorns, florists hate buying thorny roses) and placed them sporadically around the oasis. Then he placed spray roses, and finished the heart with more beautiful white lillies.


Undertaking this task ourselves seemed like an easy feat after watching Jamie, but as an incredibly skilled florist, he was bound to make it look effortless. Over the next hour we attempted to recreate the arrangements ourselves, often calling on the help of Jamie, Michelle and several other florists in attendance.


Flower arranging is truly an art that requires time, patience, and a creative eye. One look at my heart arrangement attempt, and Jamie took seconds to add a few bits and pieces to make the heart seem much more dimensional.


After a few more glasses of prosecco and flower chatter, we completed our task. The not-so-fun bit was getting the arrangements home, as well as other lovely Tesco's goodies- champagne and chocolate! If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for your significant other this Valentine's Day, definitely seek Tesco's flowers for their freshness, preservation and stunning beauty. They are doing a great job to #KeepLoveAlive this Valentine's Day.