written by Georgie Brierly 

As a keen yogi, I was really excited to visit the Om Show and see what it had to offer.

Set against the extravagant backdrop of Alexandra Palace and surrounded by like-minded people in search of new approaches to yoga, meditation or maybe just a tasty vegan treat, there was an air of excitement in the courtyard as I approached.

Inside I was greeted with the smell of incense and lemongrass, there was an array of yoga workshops to choose from and stalls offering fresh wholefoods and unique vegan treasures. After enjoying a mood boosting quinoa and potato curry, it was time for some relaxation.


Mudita Thai Yoga were running a workshop on the basics of Thai Massage. The workshop – called 'Compassion in Action!' was all about giving and receiving love. Once partnered up, the instructor asked each of us to set an intention for our partners and ourselves: Thai massage is more than just about relaxation, and the foundations of Thai massage lie in sharing energy and love through body-to-body touch - using your own body weight to work with your partner's body.

The massage itself was surprisingly relaxing, I was taken into a moment of stillness despite with the bustle of the ten thousand people surrounding me. The experience was also rather amusing at times, shaking the left leg of your friend in the middle of Ally Pally, isn't something I'd typically be doing on a Sunday afternoon - but would definitely recommend.


As for the yoga, the wide-range of workshops they had on offer was impressive. It was so good to see such renowned yoga instructors, such as Michael James Wong and Emily-Clare Hill, sharing their practice with so many of us. In particular, the 'Aerial Yoga Swings' caught my eye: specially rigged swings that allow you to experience yoga from a totally different perspective and force your mind to concentrate on a new kind of experience.

Playtime is always fun, but this was a particularly special experience, one that I recommend to anyone out there - beginner or expert, yogi or not.