Art review


Jamaica Inn


Welcome to the wild west, an unruly, brutish place, where violent death and the hangman’s noose are never too far away, while all around the rugged landscape is as...

Book Reviews

Book Reviews: 11 April

New Must Reads

OUT NOW PARLIAMENT THE BIOGRAPHY: VOLUME by Chris Bryant (Doubleday, £25; offer price, £20) Fixing the date of the first English parliament has proved difficult for...

Film Review



So what does it take to save the Earth – and all the creatures on it? Well, those familiar with the Old Testament will know that an ark is a fair place to start. In the...

Film Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Almost a Marvel

There was a time in adventure movies when the heroine’s main role was to do something stupid, land herself in peril then wave her hands and scream a bit while she waited...

Mr Selfridge

Behind the scenes on Mr Selfridge

Behind the scenes

It’s 6am and I’m bound in a corset and wrapped in a furtrimmed velvet coat, which possibly weighs more than I do, in a very cold warehouse in London’s Willesden district;...

Television & Film

Gwilym Lee


As fictional worlds go, Gwilym Lee operates in one of the most dangerous. Yes, he’s DS Charlie Nelson in Midsomer Murders, the programme in which villagers end up drowned...


Radio Review: 11 April


Over the Easter weekend, from 9am to 9pm each day, Classic FM will be dominated by its Hall of Fame, a countdown of the listeners’ favourite 300 pieces of music. Now in its...


Andrea Lowe

DCI Banks's Andrea Lowe

Andrea Lowe has one of those faces. One which instantaneously you just know you know. Which is rather unsurprising considering both the sheer amount of television work she...


'Mature actresses are in...

Southeast London isn’t the first place you imagine bumping into Jenny Agutter, but as any of her neighbours will tell you, she is very much a local fixture. When not...


ART AND LIFE: 1920-1931


A lively group of young artists – Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis and William Staite Murray, who worked and exhibited together during the...

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Daily tip from the lady archive

"AS a general rule, one’s stern duty in life seems to be to avoid the things in life that are pleasant, especially in the matter of diet."

The Lady. Living Well. 16th August, 1928
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The Lady Recruits team is looking for an administrator ideally experienced within recruitment industry.  We are looking for a dynamic, highly motivated individual with a professional approach.  You need to be well presented and have friendly phone manners.

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