Discover the southwest

Somerset and the southwest is one of Britain’s best-loved areas for family holidays, and it’s still welcoming visitors, despite the bleak television images earlier in the...

And to drink?


It’s a cliché of journalism to describe something as ‘like Marmite’, meaning you either love it or hate it. In the case of sherry, the comparison is apt not just because it...


A French romance

Decorating is my passion but I’ve never been one to follow the latest styles and trends, preferring to stick to the classics. I fell in love with French style long before I...



Bank Holiday

Enjoying a fish supper on Blackpool Pier, negotiating Hampton Court Maze and taking a stroll beside Hadrian's Wall have been named as some of England's greatest 'simple...

Battle of Hastings

Impromptu Guests

Impromptu Guests

He will only eat mushrooms or rotting plants. After supper he emits a strong smell not dissimilar to ammonia and his 14 legs pose something of a problem for even the...

On The Market

On the market… Making the grade

Making the grade

1 Tintinhull Court, Tintinhull, Yeovil, Somerset: £1,950,000 This Grade I listed medieval property has seven bedrooms and selfcontained staff quarters. Features include...


Tenderstem Broccoli Recipes

Quick & Easy

Asian sticky salmon with Tenderstem two ways (pictured above) The gentle Asian flavours in this dish can be adapted for spice lovers and those who prefer their Tenderstem...




Spices are the foundation of, and inspiration for, much of my cooking. I rely on them to add layers of fl avour to my food, though this hasn’t always been the case. There...


Loir valley

Loir valley

Everyone has heard of the Loire region of France, famed for its chateaux, wines and gorgeous countryside. But did you know there’s a little Loir, too? This Loir valley –...


Eat healthily, eat well

The ill effects of a high-sugar, high-gluten, overly processed and chemical-laden diet have become so much a part of mainstream eating that we can be forgiven for being...


REVIEW: Paramount

For months after The Shard opened in 2013, all anyone ever asked was have you been up it yet? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a stupendous vista, but it seems every Londoner has...


J'aime London

J’aime London – it’s a city that never ceases to amaze me: cosmopolitan, eclectic, vibrant… all at the same time. My new culinary guide is my way of offering you a sample...


Tom Aikens

Lactose Free

Mac n' Cheese with Spinach (pictured above) IngredientsFor the cheese sauce800ml Lactofree whole (Hot)100g Lactofree mature Cheddar cheese65g flour55g Lactofree...

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Daily tip from the lady archive

"BEAUTY may fade and riches be lost, but a sense of humour ripens with the years, and cannot be stolen. It remains a very real solace, and a talisman against the ills of life."

The Lady. The Invaluable Possession 2nd May, 1912
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Live-in Housekeeper in Southampton

A lovely family of 4 is looking for a live-in housekeeper. All main housekeeping duties including laundry and occasional cooking. 4 bedrooms house. The accommodation is a bedroom and a shared bathroom. 25-30 hours per week. Immediate start. Salary £250 npw


10 steps to getting hired
How The Lady inspired my new novel


What the stars have in store for you this week.Aug 29 - Sep 4

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Q: A recent survey has revealed the Top 10 things British women would love to do but are too scared. Have you done any of the following?

Sing in public / karaoke - 10.6%
Ask for a pay rise - 6.2%
Travel or holiday alone - 27.7%
Do a naked photo-shoot - 6.2%
Get a tattoo - 3.8%
Have a bikini wax - 4.9%
Get your hair cut very short - 10.6%
Ask someone out on a date - 3.8%
Quit your job - 19%
Have cosmetic surgery - 7.3%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 13 Jun 2014 - 09:12

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