Friday, 23 December 2016

Coughing etiquette

As Brits we are a nation obsessed with good manners and behaviour - both by oneself and by others – and new research by Benylin on the 'cough-iquette' of Britain reveals the extent to which coughs can cause disgruntlement for others (and social embarrassment for oneself) when not dealt with adequately.

Eating with your mouth open might sound vulgar, but 75% of Brits think coughing near someone's face is worse. If you work in an office, you have probably already inadvertently offended every colleague, as 65% voted that coughing/sneezing without covering your mouth is the most annoying workplace habit. In fact, it trumps the pretty awful office customs of eating smelly food at your desk (35%) and singing out loud (19%).

The workplace isn't the only area where coughs are causing controversy. The cinema and theatre are also full of potential personal pitfalls with over half (51%) saying that coughing through a performance was more embarrassing than falling asleep on a stranger's shoulder (41%) or having food stuck in their teeth (46%).

With seasonal coughs in full swing across the country, Benylin know that the very British dilemma of how to deal with them in public is an absolute minefield! That's why they enlisted the help of William Hanson, one of the UK's leading etiquette experts, to provide some frightfully useful tips to ensure you aren't offending the nation with your cough this winter.

William Hanson comments:

"It's important that people are well-mannered and never lose poise during social interactions, even if ill with a cough. My advice on good cough-iquette is as follows:

1. "In polite society, we try to avoid coughing directly into our hands. Instead we choose a white cotton handkerchief to cough into. Make sure it's neatly ironed; ideally monogrammed with one's initials."

2. "Coughs come in a variety of strengths. Whether you're afflicted with a tiny tickle or a full bodied chesty cough, remember to pre-warn those around you so they're prepared should a croak or coughing fit ensue."

3. "You should always turn away from other people when coughing. If you are having a coughing fit, then move away. Far away. At least two rooms away... Once you're in the east wing, you may stop."

4. "Before returning from your coughing episode, wash your hands thoroughly. If no handy nearby basin is available, hand sanitiser is the second best option. Ensure you apply and rub this in thoroughly. Like a surgeon would. It's really not on to spread germs. "

5. "Should you be entertaining guests at home and you start coughing noticeably, it is socially acceptable to excuse yourself and take cough medication, such as Benylin cough syrup. Your guests will thank you and your reputation as an esteemed host will remain pristine."

Benylin, the UK's favourite cough brand*, provides a range of products for different cough types, clinically proven to help ease symptoms from Day 1 so that you can tell your cough to 'cough off'!

For the full Benylin range of cough medicines, please visit:

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