Friday, 06 January 2017

Fighting Incontinence with Confidence

Confidence is everything, and what we wear is integral to that. Whether it's a classy party dress or your beloved designer heels, wearing our favourite clothes makes us feel like we are putting forward the very best version of ourselves.

So when incontinence makes an unwelcome, uncomfortable and frustrating appearance in your life, it's no surprise that some women experience a knock to their confidence.

It's not a comfortable conversation to have, and certainly not a comfortable condition to live with, but the fact remains that around 2 in 5 women will be faced with the prospect of dealing with some form of bladder leakage at some point in their lives.

Living with incontinence and bladder leakage issues can have a big impact on your day to day life, affecting you at work, when you're with friends, or even when you're just relaxing at home. Plenty of evidence out there suggests that those coping with incontinence can experience greater social isolation and are prone to giving up the things they love to do.

This is all understandable, but – as with most things which affect your confidence – some simple lifestyle changes can play a big part in helping you deal with the condition.

Whether you're at work or out at a dinner party, the number 1 rule for dealing with incontinence is not to reduce your fluid intake in a bid to reduce the risk of accidents. This will actually aggravate your bladder, only making it more active and increasing the risk.

You should also be careful with exactly what it is you're drinking. Take it easy on the coffee while you're at work, and avoid consuming too much alcohol if you're out with friends. Both are diuretics, meaning they will cause your bladder to be more active.

When it comes to fluid intake it's all about finding the right balance. And when it comes to regaining your confidence while coping with incontinence, it's all about finding the right product.

Disposable products are often the first choice when incontinence strikes, but they can be unflattering, uncomfortable and ineffective. No good if you're looking to get back into that favourite dress.

With Confitex's washable, reusable incontinence underwear offering a flattering fit, comfortable form and attractive style, you can go back to wearing the clothes you love with complete confidence.

The patented 3-layer technology of Confitex underwear offers maximum cover from morning right up until the end of the day, so you never have to give incontinence a second thought. Moisture is transferred away from the body and into the highly absorbent middle layer by the advanced-fibre inner layer, with a stretchable, breathable and completely waterproof outer layer offering complete reassurance.

There's a range of modern and fashionable styles to choose from, as well as 3 different colours for each fit, so Confitex really does feel and look just like regular underwear. Visit or call 0800 055 6700 for friendly sizing advice.

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