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Friday, 19 October 2012

The Daily: October 19

Written by Jasmin Prichard
Noodles that could help you lose weight!
A new Japanese brand, Zero Noodles, claim to help people lose weight by tricking you into feeling full. The product contains only ten calories in each 200g packet and is made of 96 per cent water, containing the Asian ground root konjac. The noodles have flown off the shelves in a series of trials with consumers stating they can reduce the calorie content of a meal by up to 500. They are priced at £1.99 per pack and sold out within a week at health food retailer Holland & Barrett when they trialled the noodles in selected stores. Nutritionists have insisted, however, that those eating Zero Noodles must ensure they are getting adequate nutrition from portions of protein and vegetables as well.

Help for Heroes' new rehab centre is 'a launchpad for life'
The charity's Wiltshire recovery centre has installed all of the facilities necessary to rehabilitate injured soldiers and could even provide the next batch of Paralympians for the Olympics in 2016. This is one of the charity's four UK recovery centres that are due to open fully next year to take care of and inspire injured service personnel for years to come. Incredible facilities include a state of the art gym, an adjustable multi-depth pool and even an indoor ski simulator and within a short drive there are 19 Paralympian sports on offer such as cycling, horse-riding and canoeing. There is also an accommodation block of 34 rooms and offices for non-sporting staff who can advise on healthcare, finance, education and employment.

Cardio tops caffeine in the chart of top ten must-have treats
Those conscious about their health are no longer turning to caffeine to give them a boost in the morning, the daily coffee or cup of tea is no longer in the top ten 'lifestyle essentials' in LV's Lifestyle Inflation Index 2012. Gym and sports memberships have become far more important with such memberships coming in at number eight in the chart. Holidays account for the majority of luxury spending, with UK households spending £83.3 billion on them in the last 12 months with 44 per cent surveyed classifying them as lifestyle essentials. However, there have been household budget cuts, it would seem, to allow for luxury spending in these austere times with many buying cheaper or own brand basic food or picking up more goods second-hand. Furthermore, a third of people are saving money by taking their lunch into work.

A hormone test could reveal a woman's breast cancer risk 20 years in advance
Recent research has suggested that testing for high levels of certain hormones in the blood can reveal a woman's risk of breast cancer up to 20 years in advance. A study has found that possessing high levels of hormones testosterone, oestradiol and DHEAS doubled the chances of some women developing breast cancer. Women in the top 25 per cent of hormone levels for oestradiol, testosterone and DHEAS in the study were 50-107 per cent more likely to have developed the disease than those in the bottom quarter. It has also been suggested that green tea helps to prevent breast cancer, with scientists believing that an extract of the tea, Polyphenon E, can help prevent tumour cells from growing, spreading and invading.

A life-saving heart pill for £1.40 a day
A heart pill that costs just £1.40 a day could save thousands of lives a year along with slashing NHS bills by millions. The pill has been shown to reduce heart failure deaths by 39 per cent and cut hospital admissions by 24 per cent, which could reduce the heart failure healthcare bill by around £100 million and prevent 39,000 deaths yearly. Ivabradine, marketed under the name Procoralan, slows the heart down, helping it to pump more effectively and it is thought at least one in five patients could benefit from the treatment. The drug has been used by angina patients for a number of years and is known to be safe, preventing the use of beta blockers and other treatments that do not work or have unpleasant side effects.

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