The Daily: Dan Stevens to leave Downton?
Monday, 05 November 2012

The Daily: November 5

Written by Susanne Jeppsson
Downtown Abbey Roundup
Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens who plays the handsome Matthew Crawley has sparked rumours of leaving the show for the next season. The actor explains "I suppose I do slightly miss the sense of an ending, we get two scripts at a time and you never quite know where the story is going". He added that "if you do a play or a film at least you know whether your character lives or dies or who he falls in love with. But with Downton..." Meanwhile, fans are becoming excited about the rousing festive Christmas special with hopes of seeing Lady Edith and Anthony get married.

Go BearFaced for a Day
With the launched BearFaced, BBC is encouraging women across the UK to show their natural beauty for the 9th of November 2012 and yes, that does mean no make-up. Several celebrities including Abbey Clancy, Lulu, Heidi Klum, Louise Redknapp and Caroline Flack have gone barefaced to support the campaign to raise money for Children in Need. If you are a brave one then you can play you part in the tribute by putting your own small Pudsey-like pawprint in eyeliner on your face. From the 5th November, there are exclusive 'Pudsey pawprint temporary tattoos' for purchase in your local Post Office or from the Post Office online store for 50p/each. So, fancy going BearFaced for a day?

Hobbits, wizards and elves oh my
Air New Zealand flight safety video features an all-star cast of hobbits, wizards, elves and celebrities. Known for their unconventional ways of previous using passengers in noting but body paint or animated depictions of the US president Barak Obama, they have now gone the extra mile with characters such as Gollum and Filli the dwarf. The safety video is launched just before the sequence of Lord of The Rings; The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The film, directed by Peter Jackson is coming on the big screen from the 14th December in the UK. At its world premiere in New Zealand, passengers are being offered the chance to win free tickets as part of Air New Zealand flight safety video.

Funky Monkey and the love to boogie
The cheerful year-old gibbon called Gollum from the Thailand Zoo was spotted jiving around her home in Chonburi Province. Gibbons have the longest arms compared to other primates and use them for balance on the ground. But when this cheeky gibbon started her funky dance, it was hard to not burst out in laughter. Mr Vincent said: "Little Gollum has some delightful expressions. Her inquisitive and exploratory nature had me smiling, chuckling and laughing out loud. Her playful behavior would be enough to melt anyone's heart." The zoo's gibbons are all under the supervision of a veterinary assistant, now taking pictures of the zoo's youngest animals to track their growth and development. It appears that this funky monkey is growing fast and ready to show off her moves.

Style secrets of Queen Elizabeth II
Angela Kelly, the personal dresser of the Queen since 1994 has just revealed the style secrets of Queen Elisabeth II. The dressers always have a log of outfits worn so there are no mistakes of the Queen accidentally wearing the same colour and dress twice. The colour red, white or gold not only suits the Queen or the occasion but also ensures maximum visibility. In the presence of children, designers pick bright and cheerful colours, use feathers, twirls, twists, flowers, ribbons and other delightful accessories that appeal to children. If you want to be inspired by the Queen's style, find a feather for the hat or an umbrella that goes with the colour scheme and go green! Whilst daywear should stop at the knee, the evening dresses should be slightly longer. No matter what the occasion, the Queen never wears anything higher than a 2 inch heal. Pick clothes that do not crease and wear sleeves that are three-quarters.

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