The Daily: Gary the goat
Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Daily: January 24

Written by Rhiannon Davies
Elderly couple stumble upon illegal rave
How did you celebrate your New Year's Eve? Elderly couple Dick and Lil Dickens were more interested in the New Years Day deals to be found. Arriving at what they thought was a jumble sale, the couple found the aftermath of an alleged illegal rave in a warehouse in Cambridgeshire. Although surprised, the couple stopped to have a photo taken with the young revellers before continuing their search for the perfect New Years Day bargain.

David Tenant to play Richard II at RSC
David Tenant, it has been announced, will appear as the protagonist in Royal Shakespeare Company's March production of Richard II. The actor, although well-known for his role in Doctor Who, was extremely successful in his previous role as Hamlet for the RSC in 2008. Tickets for Hamlet sold out immediately, and it is likely that Tenant's latest performance will prompt a similar response from audiences. Tickets for Richard II at Stratford, the home of RSC, go on sale on March 18th, whilst London tickets will be available from late March.

Skeleton found at Oxford College
A human skeleton has been found by builders at an Oxford University College this morning. The intact skeleton, found in the grounds of Wadham College, is thought to be at least 100 years old. The college is waiting for confirmation from archaeologists as to the identification of the remains, but it is likely that the skeleton may be that of an Augustinian monk, who had once lived in the Augustinian priory which once stood on part of the college's site.

101 year-old marathon runner
101-year old British marathon runner Fauji Singh is proving age is no boundary when it comes to sport. Singh took up running at the age of 89, and has since completed eight 26 mile races in London, Toronto and New York. Although he has decided not to compete after the Hong Kong Marathon on 24th February, just five weeks before his 102nd birthday, the running-fanatic has declared "running is my life" and that he will continue to run for leisure, "to inspire the masses".

Grand Designs... for Cats
House-designers in Japan have come up with the ultimate fantasy home for cats. Based on cat and human interaction, designers at Asahi Kasei have created a flat filled with elevated platforms, tunnels, wooden beams, viewing areas, and cat-flaps in every door. The flat has also been furnished with 'cat-proof' surfaces, which are resistant to scratches and easy to clean. It's the purrfect place for even the fussiest feline.

Animals behaving badly
Next time some rabbits starting eating part of your garden, rather than reinforcing your fencing, why not extend the long arm of the law? A goat in Australia found himself in court after eating flowers outside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney on August 22nd 2012. Gary, who is owned by comedian Jimbo Bazoobi, was cleared of all charges, after police could fail to prove that he was put up to the act.

A Friesian mare by the name of Mariska has become an online celebrity after a video, filmed by her owners, shows her stable door to let herself out. It would appear the mare has also become popular amongst her equine friends, as she video goes on to show the mare choosing several other boxes to open as well, although she specifically leaves the stable adjacent untouched.

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