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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Daily: February 12

Written by Cara Purvis
Aged painting of Elizabeth I
A portrait of Elizabeth I has recently been unveiled, which was painted in the late sixteenth century by an eminent artist of the Tudor court. However, the rendering is unusually realistic portraying the monarch's aged skin. It depicts Elizabeth in her sixties in all her majestic splendor, but with the etchings of time notably inscribed on her visage. It would seem the artist chose not to forsake artistic truth for aesthetic perfection, unlike many of his peers, since it was deemed offensive to exhibit unsightly or imperfect pictures of the Queen during her reign and thus the work would promptly be destroyed. This rare depiction is on display at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C.

Britain's most powerful women list omits the Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge, Jessica Ennis, and Ellie Simmonds were overlooked in the latest list of Britain's most powerful women, while celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Adele, and Dawn French's were ascribed with this status. The judges justified their subversive decision on the basis that Kate Middleton was an 'influential' figure, but not 'powerful'.

British adventurers Philip Young and Paul Brace break world record
The British explorers, Philip Young and Paul Brace, were rejoicing last night after breaking two world records, driving 10,300 miles from Cape Town to London in a remarkably swift 10 days, 13 hours, and 30 minutes. The speedy duo completed this feat in a Panda car, surmounting harsh weather conditions in Italy, the rocky terrain of Northern Kenya, and became the first to cross the border between Sudan and Egypt over a new land frontier. These two daring adventurers passed through Libya, despite the country's borders being officially impregnable to foreigners but dissension in Syria compelled them to take a ferry from the Tunisian capital Tunis to Sicily over the weekend. That said, no obstacle; neither petrol deficiency, nor congestion problems, could impede their ascension to victory, in which they raised more than £10,000 for the Farm Africa charity.

Dogs with human qualities
Scientists are now averring that dogs may be at least partially endowed with a human sensibility after conducting light regulated experiments on 42 male and female domestic dogs of various breeds over the age of one, which indicated that dogs seem to have the capacity to comprehend elements of the human psyche; researchers discovered that when a dog was prohibited from eating, the possibility of transgressing was doubled with the accomplice of darkness to conceal its peccadilloes, in contrast to when the pet was exposed in a well-lit room. This suggests that the dog had considered whether a human could witness the stealing of food, which proves that rational reasoning overcomes animal instinct; the dog deliberates the social scenario and the ramifications that could ensue before violating its owner's orders.

Jellyfish, the fresh pet on the scene
Jellyfish have become the latest fashionable pet in the UK after British firm sells out of new hi-tech tanks. The sudden popularity of this aquatic marvel has arisen due to a special device in the tank, which simulates the motion of the ocean, enabling the ethereal creatures to float as they would in their natural environment. The 'Moon' variety of jellyfish is particularly in demand due to the luminescent glow it radiates, an effect akin to the 'living lava lamp'.

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