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The Daily: March 12

Written by Natalie Letch
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Pioneer
When someone mentions, Leonardo Da Vinci, you would most likely recall his famous LeVitruvian Man drawing. Praised as one of the most leading and admired artists of the Renaissance, it seems that his anatomical drawings have "startling" medical accuracy in relation to our modern day MRI scans. This has led to the Royal Collection trust exhibiting a series of 30 of his distinctive, pioneering, anatomical drawings alongside recent MRI and CT scans so that viewers will see the uncanny resemblance. The project will be take place in August at the Edinburgh International Festival and as the curator, Martin Clayton suggests will demonstrate "how the concerns and methods of the world's leading anatomists have changed little in 500 years, and how truly groundbreaking Leonardo's investigations were".

Springtime is Snowtime
In the UK, we love finding out facts and figures about the weather and yesterday was no exception. Radio 4 stated last night that March, so far, is the coldest it has been in 25 years! Despite our gasps and agreement at such a fact, it comes as no surprise. We have become accustomed to the weather changing so dramatically in recent times. Last Monday a huge sigh of relief swept the nation, as all as we reached for our sunglasses but just seven days later, we are back to wearing our scarves and gloves. The snow fell at such a rate that hundreds of motorists were left stranded for up to fourteen hours in below freezing conditions and there were countless reports of road accidents. The Met Office has stated, "For the whole of the UK the cold weather continues, with many more snow showers still to come". It is thought that by Friday any snow will be replaced with rain. So, it seems we will have to prepare for a rather wintery week during, what was meant to be, our first weeks of spring.

"It's Good To Be Queen"
An exclusive documentary, "Our Queen", which gives exclusive access to our Monarch's residence at Balmoral reveals a side of the Queen that we have never seen before. Prior to its screening, director, Michael Waldman has revealed that the Queen has a cushion in her private sitting room that is embroidered with the phrase, "It's good to be Queen", which humanises her somewhat and hints that she has quite a sense of humour. The director also commented that she was "house-proud" and while she was waiting for David Cameron to arrive, she had used her left foot to straighten her basic two bar electric fire on. The documentary was filmed during the Diamond Jubilee, 2012 and is due to be aired on ITV on Sunday.

Chris Huhne Accepts Responsibility
Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce were served an eight month prison sentence yesterday, in Wandsworth Prison and Holloway Prison, respectively. The Guardian has revealed that during an interview prior to sentencing, Huhne accepted responsibility for his actions and had said that he "felt so awful that so many people [he loves] have been dragged into this. It has been a gruelling experience for ll of them to be subject to this media harassment and intrusion. They need time and space to get over this". He also noted that despite everything he had "hoped that [Pryce would] not going to be found guilty for the sake of his children". It is believed that during his sentence, Huhne will focus on writing and coming to terms with his life-changing situation.

Rare African Pygmy Hedgehog Finds Soulmate
Extra, a rare albino hedgehog who was given to an animal rescue centre, Mistley Place Park, Essex has found his soulmate in resident black and white African Pygmy, Elsie. The rescue centre's owner, Mrs Taylor, said that "Extra and Elsie really are sweet - they love to burrow together and they change their house around all the time to get themselves comfortable". The lovable pair, who due to their breed must be kept in warm temperatures, have taken up residence in Mrs Taylor's central heated house. She stated that "People buy these pets on impluse, but five minutes later they don't want them - they don't realise the amount of care that is needed". As Easter is approaching, a special public viewing has been scheduled to take place at the Centre on Easter Sunday and Monday.

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