The Daily: The Great Gatsby
Friday, 15 March 2013

The Daily: March 15

Written by Natalie Letch
The Great Gatsby Opens Cannes Film Festival 2013
We are all eagerly anticipating Baz Luhrmann's new film, The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. The 1920's exudes elegance; the fashion, the hair, the music. It seems we are not the only ones who . We cannot get enough of it. The 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby has been planned to open the Cannes Film Festival 2013. Luhrmann has stated that he was "thrilled...not only because [his] first film, Strictly Ballroom was screened there 21 years ago, but because F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote some of the most poignant and beautiful passages of his extraordinary novel just a short distance away" from where the festival takes place. Cannes festival begins on 15 May at the Grand Theatre Lumiere of the Palais des Festivals. Now that is a date to put in our diaries...

A Big Brother State?
One of the loopholes in the controversial bedroom tax could be that if married couples are separated but still living in the same house they could be exempt from the tax on their spare room. However, Labour MP Diana Johnson has raised concern over the exemption as she fears that it could lead to couples claiming to be separated when they are in fact happily married, "The only way they are going to tell if a couple is still together is to put them under surveillance. They are going to have to start snooping...the Government should be axing this cruel and shambolic tax". Although there will be exemptions for some Armed Forces families and foster carers, the majority of the public are outraged by the bedroom tax. Protests against the bedroom tax will take place this weekend with thousands of people expected to attend.

Texting And Driving Equal To Drink-Driving
We are all aware that using our mobile phones while driving is dangerous but so many people still do it. However, new research has concluded that if you send a text message while driving, it is as dangerous as being a quarter over the legal drink-drive limit. A professor from the University of Barcelona stated that "very simple conversations on a [handsfree] mobile phone may not represent a significant driving risk compared with legally permissible blood alcohol levels...cognitively demanding, hands-free conversation and particularly texting represent significant risks". Hopefully, such research will encourage us to wait until we are home to make that important phone call or at least pull over and park before sending that urgent text message.

A Euromillion Win...Twice!
How wonderful would it be to win the lottery, beating all of the odds and scooping the jackpot? Pretty fabulous, I reckon. Now, how about winning the Euromillions, not once, but twice in three years? Well, it happened to George Traykov who has one over £1.6 million in total, and, he didn't even use certain numbers but a lucky dip! In 2011, Traykov won £1million in the Millionaire Raffle in September 2011 and £160,873 in a Euromillions prize this year. The Bulgarian property developer stated that he had "missed the big jackpot by one number", which could have won him £12 million. I guess this means we should get ourselves down to the shop to buy our lucky dip... Just in case!

Crossrail Project Makes New Discoveries
Builders that are working on the Crossrail project have stumbled upon several skeletons and pottery that date back to the mid-14th Century. Archaeologists have suggested that due to the arrangement of the skeletons, they could even date from before the plague and long before it became a pandemic. The discovery could mean that scientists could track how the virus led to the plague, which could reveal its DNA signature. Crossrail lead archaelogist, Jay Carver commented 'This is a highly significant discovery and at the moment we are left with many questions that we hope to answer". Carver also added that by the medical research of ancient diseases could aid the understanding "the modern ones".

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