The Daily: Honey Bees
Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Daily: June 13

Written by Poppy Whale
Wet British Summer Devastating our Honeybees
In 2012 Britain saw the wettest summer for 100 years. This may be unpleasant for the Brits but is far worse for our nation's honeybees. Following last year's drizzly summer over a third of all honeybee colonies perished and unfortunately the bees look set for a similar fate this year. The continuous rain prevents the honeybees from foraging and gathering pollen. Additionally, the cooler temperatures affect the amount of food available from flowering plants as nectar production is temperature dependent. The bees of the south-west are suffering the worst with 53% of colonies vanishing last year. A similar decline this summer could see a complete disappearance of the honeybee.

The Royal Cruise Ship Launches
A 1,082ft luxury cruise ship, The Royal Princess, is due to be launched today in an official naming ceremony led by the Duchess of Cambridge. The vessel boasts a 28ft glass-bottomed viewing gallery, 10 different restaurants and 1,780 luxury staterooms. After being built in Italy the ship arrived in Southampton last week to a welcoming serenade from the University of Southampton's Brass Band performing 'God Save the Queen.' Following the naming ceremony the Duchess of Cambridge will listen to performances from singers Natasha Bedingfield and Kerry Ellis before being officially christened by the Duchess. The ship and 3,600 passengers will then voyage to Barcelona.

No More Mouldy Fruit
Poking and prodding no longer need to be the methods of checking fruit ripeness. Student Jagjit Chodha of London Brunel's University has invented a fruit bowl that changes colour when fruit is about to go off. Chodha was inspired to invent this after learning that 44,000 tonnes of fruit is wasted each year from UK homes. The bowl features sensors that monitor the fruits level of chemical release during the ripening process. When the chemical levels begin to increase it indicates that the fruit is beginning to rot and the bowl lights up to warn the owner to eat the fruit as soon as possible.

Property Pricing Madness
A three-bed roomed, terraced home In Teeside worth approximately £25,000 could be auctioned off for as little as 10p. The property, believed to be the cheapest in the UK, has a working bathroom and kitchen though does require significant garden work and all new windows. With no price reserve the house can go for as little as a few pence, despite the price guide suggesting a £750 starting offer.

Another instance of shocking property pricing comes from Northumberland. A grade 2, five-bed roomed, listed country home with 11 acres of land is available for rent for £2,225 per month. That same £2,225 in London's Knightsbridge will secure a property hunter a studio flat where tenants are forced to cook and sleep in one room. Other than it's sought after central city location the Knightsbridge flat has no comparison to the country home feature-wise. The property features crystal chandeliers, formal reception rooms, with a separate flat also available for guests or staff. This demonstrates the extent of the north-south property divide.

School refused 11-year old lunch over £1.75 debt
11 year old Jacob Lynn from Devon was left in tears after the school canteen refused to give him any lunch as he owed the school £1.75 from a previous meal. His father Gary Lynn has called the event "completely unacceptable" and removed Jacob and his daughter from the primary school. The canteen staff claimed they were abiding by the rules but one staff member felt so sorry for hungry Jacob she snuck an apple over to him. The school made no attempt to contact Jacob's parents and inform them that his school dinner account was empty.

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