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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Daily: June 26

Written by Rachel McNerney
Liquorice Museum planned for Pontefract
The Yorkshire town of Pontefract, home of the British liquorice trade, plans to build a museum dedicated to the sweet treat. The liquorice plant which originates from the Mediterranean and the Middle East was brought to Pontefract by crusaders 400 years ago and flourished in the Yorkshire soil. Consequently, the product was a key form of trade for the town, at one time it boasted 13 liquorice factories, but production has declined with only a few sites remaining. Sir Bill O'Brien, Pontefract former MP, said "We have an annual liquorice festival every July. I'd love it if we could open the museum in time for next year's. When people come there's nothing to show them about liquorice – we want to change that." Not only is liquorice known for its rich heritage and unique flavor, but it is also believed to be a natural health remedy and even an aphrodisiac!

Jane Austen may appear on £10
Governor of the Bank of England Sir Mervyn King, has said that literary heroine Jane Austen may replace Charles Darwin on the £10 note. The topic of representation has caused outrage following the decision to replace Elizabeth Fry with Sir Winston Churchill, meaning no women would be present on UK bank notes. However, Sir Mervyn said "The concern, and I understand it, is it that we might find ourselves in a position where there are no women in the set of historical figures. That's not true." The final decision, made by King's successor Mark Carney will be made prior to the introduction of Churchill notes, resulting in an overlap of female presence. King confirmed this stating, "In 2015-16, when Churchill notes appear, it will not be the case that Elizabeth Fry disappears. A petition to keep women on English banknotes has been signed by 29,000 people. Only two women, Elizabeth Fry and Florence Nightingale, have been the faces of British banknotes, since 1970.

Star is crowded by Super-Earths
Three 'super earth' planets have been identified orbiting the star Gliese 667C. The star has been located in the constellation of Scorpio and is 22 light years away. The newly discovered 'super earths' are in the star's habitable zone, meaning temperatures could result in the possibility of liquid water. However, at over 200 trillion km away, there is no way to establish the conditions of the planets. Dr. Mikko Tuomi, of the University of Hertfordshire, who is part of a team of astronomers examining the system, commented on the potential that the discovery has. He said, "There might, in fact, be more habitable-zone planets in the Universe than there are stars, which makes it much easier for the future space missions to obtain images of these planets." This new discovery has become a catalyst for future breakthroughs. He continued, "So, although only a rather simple discovery, its implications might force us to re-think how common habitable-zone planets are in the Universe."

Queensferry Crossing
The new bridge due to be built across the Firth of Forth is set to be called the Queensferry Crossing. A possible five names were put forward into a public ballot, which saw 35,000 people cast their vote, with 'Queensfeey Crossing' winning by 35.5%. The bridge is still under construction and will be completed in 2016. Queen Mary originally introduced a ferry in the 11th Century in order to carry pilgrims across the Forth to St Andrews and Dunfermline. First Minister Alex Salmond, who announced the winner emphasises the importance of the name, "The public's choice of Queensferry Crossing reflects the area's rich history and the continuing link between the two communities on the estuary's north and south banks." Not only will the bridge be an iconic feature for the Forth estuary upon completion, but it will also provide a vital transport link.

Gates Open at Glastonbury
With the sunshine set to be out for the weekend, festival goers are donning their wellies, and heading to Worthy Farm in Somerset to catch a glimpse of some music legends. It is expected 135,000 people will be in attendance, for what has been predicted to be one of the best ever Glastonbury's. Organiser and farmer Michael Eavis said "The whole thing is fantastic. There are 1,000 acres of creativity on a massive scale and to a very, very high standard. You won't see anything else like this in the whole world." One of the major attractions of this year is Saturday night headliners The Rolling Stones, as well as many other performers who will definitely be worth a watch. The famous Glastonbury toilets are also a key topic of conversation this year, with Eavis stating that he has finally found "the perfect loo," which involves a new underground system. Keith Richards summed up Glastonbury as a "culmination of our British heritage" so even if the rain does arrive, it will be embraced!

Yes- it's a highlight of the summer calendar - 53.3%
No- it's just a big muddy field - 46.7%

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