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Monday, 15 July 2013

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Written by Anna Valentine
Archaeologists believe they have discovered the world's oldest lunar "calendar"
A series of 12 pits which appear to mimic the phases of the moon and track lunar months has been found in excavated field at Crathes Castle, in Scotland. A team led by the University of Birmingham suggests the ancient monument was created by hunter-gatherers about 10,000 years ago, which is thousands of years older than previous known formal time-measuring monuments created in Mesopotamia. The pits align on the Midwinter sunrise which would have provided the hunter-gatherers with an annual "astronomic correction" in order to follow the passage of time and changing seasons more accurately. Vince Gaffney, Professor of Landscape Archaeology at Birmingham, who led the analysis project said: "The evidence suggests that hunter-gatherer societies in Scotland had both the need and sophistication to track time across the years, to correct for seasonal drift of the lunar year and that this occurred nearly 5,000 years before the first formal calendars known in the Near East."

Novel by JK Rowling rejected by publisher
A crime novel written by JK Rowling under the name of Robert Galbraith was rejected by publisher, Kate Mills, after she found it 'perfectly decent but quiet'. The fiction editor at Orion Publishing, said she couldn't see a USP for the crime novel, submitted to her by 'first-time author Robert Galbraith', in a 'tough' market.
However three months after the novel was published, JK Rowling confessed that she did write it she said: 'I had hoped to keep this secret a little longer because being Robert Galbraith has been such a liberating experience.' Unfortunately for Mills, after it was revealed that its true author was Harry Potter writer JK Rowling, sales soared and the novel shot up 5,000 places on Amazon's Bestsellers list to the top of the chart.

Waitrose set to open first in-store restaurant
The upmarket supermarket, Waitrose is to launch its first ever in-store restaurant with waitress-service at the end of next year, following the success of smaller cafés within its larger supermarkets. The decision was made to seek new ways to attract more shoppers into their stores. The new Waitrose restaurants will have a relaxed family atmosphere with food like pizza and steaks on the menu, using some of the products on sale in store. Waitrose already has 96 cafes in some of its 293 branches around the country although a spokesman said: It's just trying something different so people can sit down and have a waiter service meal rather than self-service – it's a different concept.'

St Swithin's Day
Legend has it that the weather today will suggest what the conditions will be like for the next 40 days – which may mean that the majority of the next couple of months will be sunny and warm. St Swithin's Day comes from a legend about weather predictions which was born over 1,000 years ago. An Anglo-Saxon bishop and patron saint of Winchester Cathedral, called Swithin, died in 862, however in 971 his remains were dug up and moved to a shrine in the cathedral near Bishop Ethelwold. This event coincided with fierce rain and storms for 40 days and nights, which were thought to be a sign that he was furious at being moved. The legend was born that if it rains on his feast day, the bad weather will continue for the next 40 days. So, if it is true, the recent heat wave could last for the rest of July and August.

New character in Downton Abbey
Audiences of the popular ITV series were left shocked after character Lady Sybil died although there is indication of a light at the end of the tunnel for her heartbroken husband Tom Branson, as actress Daisy Lowe is set to join the show as his new love interest. According to reports, Lowe will be casted as the nanny to look after the child that Sybil died giving birth to. A source said that ''her romance with Tom will be one of the main storylines of the series. He will begin to develop feelings for her and they start a secret affair.' Lowe has already starred alongside Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville in 2009 feature film From Time To Time and has also appeared in television shows such as Doctor Who and Lewis.

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