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Tuesday, 05 November 2013

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Written by Helena Gumley - Mason
Derbyshire Bonfire Night Banned
Health and safety officials in Lower Hartshay, Derbyshire, have dismantled the Guy Fawkes bonfire ahead of celebrations this evening. They stated that the villagers had not applied for the official events licence and were in danger of committing "fly-tipping." To emphasise the gravity of the situation, local police left "environmental crime scene" tape and signs saying, rather ominously "we are watching you." There was also the threat of a hefty fine. The gathering on the common has been an annual event for about the past thirty years. Local family man, Mr Crowder, said that the event was one which bought them all "together as a community," and that the villagers had never asked for council permission because they didn't ever feel they needed to. Local MP Nigel Mills said that the Council's reaction was "ludicrously heavy handed."

Downton and the Royals prove a boon to UK Global economy
Popular cultural exports should be used to assist in establishing "a dialogue and trust" with other countries according to David Stanley to boost global trade relations. Mr Stanley, former chief executive of the Penspen Group (an operative engineering management service) said that creating "links" are absolutely vital. In addition to this he said "If it's Downton Abbey or the Olympics or the opening of Parliament, they are all areas where you can establish a dialogue and trust." John Barry (chairman of the Shell Corporation) also stressed the significance of the Royal Family in business abroad saying "There's a significant number of countries where the Royal Family are incredibly important in creating contacts at the top level."

Lift off and Life only light years away
India has launched its spacecraft to Mars successfully with the intention of becoming the fourth space agency to reach the Red Planet. The Mars Orbiter Mission took off at 9:08 GMT from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on the country's east coast. The Spacecraft is set to journey for 300 days with the aim of reaching the Mars orbit in 2014. Perhaps it is no co-incidence that it has been revealed simultaneously that one in five stars are "circled by an Earth – like planet." Scientists believe that these may be habitable. Following a review of four years worth of data researchers came to this conclusion that our galaxy, the Milky Way, could potentially be brim full of Earth like life. Erik Perigura from Berkley, California said that "when you look up at the stars, the nearest sun-like star with an Earth size planet in its habitable zone is only 12 light years away and can be seen the naked eye."

Recession means less fresh food for families
It has been revealed that as budgets have been squeezed by the recession, many young families have made cut backs on fresh fruit and vegetables- turning instead to less beneficial, processed foods. The Institute for Fiscal studies said that families, pensioners and single parent households showed to have the greatest drop in the nutritional quality of their diets. In 2012 it was found that households spent 8.5% less on food in real terms across the period as disposable incomes failed to keep up with rising food prices. Shockingly food prices rose by 33% between 2007 and 2013. Research done in 2012 showed that pensioners tended to increase their purchase of fatty foods while households with young children chose more sugary products.

Alderney Ghost Pig mystery
It's ridoinkulous. The "ghost pig" of Alderney may in fact be a wild boar from France. It is thought that the animal, which has been on the loose for more than a month, swan from the nearby French coast 11km away. On Friday, the boar found its way into a pig farm then escaped by jumping over a 1m stock fence. The islanders have referred to it as the ghost pig since it has only been seen at sundown. Alderney harbour master of 25 years – Steve Shaw said that he did not think it would be possible for a wild boar to get to the island by boat without the notice of the crew members. Following concerns about the animal, an expert from the UK has confirmed that a wild boar can indeed swim long distances in open water.

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