The Daily: November 7
Thursday, 07 November 2013

The Daily: November 7

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Written by Helena Gumley - Mason
The Windsors mark London Poppy Day
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have joined the actress, Barbara Windsor, on a classic 1960s Routemaster bus to commemorate London Poppy Day. The bus came into High Street Kensington and proved a pleasant surprise to Royal British Legion volunteers and military personnel. The RBL's Poppy Day Ambassador – Barbara Windsor enquired after baby George and was informed that he was half asleep and behaving himself. William, who had left his post as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot in September was greeted at High Street Kensington Station by motorcyclists from the Rider Branch of the RBL. Corporal Steve Johnson, an RAF recruitment officer from Newcastle is busking at Tube Stations to raise money and was asked by Kate to play something. The Duke and Duchess also spoke to Tim Connolly, a retired volunteer who has been selling poppies at the station for nearly 40 years.

Is this the aromatic alternative to the gastric band?
It is unlike any weight loss aid we have heard of before. Stink Yourself Slim (yes that really is its name) is the bright idea of entrepreneur Alex Fontaine. There has been a long held belief that smell and appetite and closely linked but how effective is this new product? Fontaine said that the stench curbed her chocolate cravings while Laura Millar lost pounds when she tried using the pungent new product. However experts warn that the spray will not assist in sustained weight loss. Professor Tim Jacob from Cardiff University's School of Biosciences claims that our smell receptors get used to a particular odour in a short time and that humans adapt to bad smells quite quickly.

WW1 Flying Hero finally to be honoured in Home Town
Whitehall chiefs previously banned Royal Navy Sub Lieutenant "Rex" Warneford from having his name immortalised with an honour plaque because he was born in India. At 23 Rex was rewarded the Victorian cross after becoming the first person to destroy a Zeppelin airship intent on bombing London (and in 1915 he had hit the German airship LZ 37.) It was thought that his name would end up alongside that of fellow VC hero submariner Lt Richard Sandford, in their home of Exmouth in east Devon. The laying of the commemorative stones and plaques for VC heroes is intended to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1. Rex was born in India and did not come to the UK until he was thirteen which is why he has hitherto been un-commemorated in this country. Unsurprisingly there was an outcry over the exclusion both of Rex and other foreign-born VC heroes.

What a waste
A survey carried out by the Waste and Resources Action Programme has found that families waste £60 a month by discarding the equivalent of a meal a day into the bin. The most commonly thrown away items are bread, salad and chicken. In fact more than a fifth of bread, one in five potatoes and one in ten bananas are thrown away. Experts have cited the "throw away culture," as the main reason the loss of more than £12.5 billion worth of food – that is four million tons of edible food. The experts have also said that shoppers are foxed by the sell-by dates and tend to buy more food than they need or will be able to consume. Shockingly to waste costs the average family more than £700 a year.

You say "king of gore," I say "Lythronax."
A dinosaur unveiled at the Natural History Museum of Utah has been named by scientists as Lythronax or "king of gore." It is believed to have lived about 80 million years ago and was the "great uncle" of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Scientists have said that it was 24-foot-long with large teeth and a large head. The Palaeontologists who discovered the remains in Utah believe that the dinosaur would have been the greatest living predator of its time. Mark Loewen, who led the dig for the new dinosaur said that "discovering the Lythronax pushes back the evolution of the group that gives rise to the T.rex, which is something we didn't understand before."

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