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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Daily: December 10

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Written by Kiran Devgun
The 50ft tall Christmas Tree of Worcestershire
After purchasing an average sized Christmas tree for a meagre £6.00 in 1978, couple Avril and Christopher Rowlands decided to hold on to the fir tree and plant it into their front garden. Today, thirty-five years later, the very same fir tree stands at a staggering 50ft tall and has been recognised as the tallest tree of Worcestershire. Given the height and magnificence of the plant, the couple were to scout for a local cherry picker that would be able to reach the highest of the highest branches to adorn the tree with festive decorations. Post adorning the tree in all its glory, the couple host a switch on event of 1,000 traditional tungsten bulbs, which not only marks the countdown to Christmas but is held to raise money for The Acorns Children's Hospice.

Octogenarian role models serve to empower the ageing community
Statistics suggest that over 1 million people aged 85 years and over across England and Wales are living longer as of 2001, and while many claim this may be as a result of better healthcare treatments or medical care, reports indicate otherwise. In fact, recent findings have articulated that many women and men aged 85 years and above are inclined to lead a healthier lifestyle, without succumbing to medical care or aid equipment that are often identified as ageing and ailing mechanisms. Higher rates of the ageing community often turn towards many octogenarian role models who re-lift their spirits and encourage them to keep going strong. From shaking a leg with the 85 year old presenter Bruce Forsyth on Strictly Come Dancing to reading 86 year old June Brown's recent autobiography, everyone's got a reason to lead a proactive lifestyle.

Gifting your pet cat with a bell collar this Christmas can save the Robin!
Animal lover, Sir David Attenborough has bought our attention to the importance of helping the Robin bird who is feared to be prowled across back gardens. The Robin bird, which has been long associated with the autumnal season, is believed to be one of the particular birds that find it almost unbearable to survive through to Christmas. While nestling in the snow or patches of soil seem ideal for the Robin bird, your pet cat may just scare them away or eat them alive. Recent research findings suggest that prowling cats capture up to 55 million birds a year and Sir David Attenborough wants something done about it. Attenborough suggests that a bell collar for your cat can serve to protect the Robin since the bell acts an alarming warning signal for any bird in danger, and will act as a sound indicator that forces them to stay away from any cats.

Julie Walters continues to inspire women to study
Actress, Julie Walters recently appeared at the British Independent Film Awards 2013 and spoke of her role in the 1983 drama film Educating Rita. Despite receiving an award for her outstanding contribution to British cinema, Walters was proud to speak of the impact she has had on so many lives – encouraging women to fight for their educational rights thirty years on. Lewis Gilbert's Educating Rita told the story of a working class girl who is keen to educate herself via literature. The films acute interest in Rita's struggle and passion to pursue her dreams remains the core of the film, and is the central theme that Walters believes will always serve to liberate women to study. Speaking about her influential role, Walters went on to say, "I get people who come up to me and say, I left my husband because of you, because of that film, or to get an education".

Global leaders and VIP's come together for the Mandela Memorial
Dignitaries from across the world have arrived in Johannesburg today to pay their respects to the late Nelson Mandela. With the FNB stadium in Soweto overflowing with 100,000 leaders and VIP's from across the world, the Memorial Day has been marked as one of the most historic services of its time. With British Prime Minister, David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg present amongst many other attendees, US President, Barak Obama delivered a heart-warming speech about Mandela's legacy, which will undoubtedly live on forever. Amongst the respected dignitaries, celebrities including model Naomi Campbell, U2 singer Bono and South African actress Charlize Theron were also spotted at the gathering offering their respects to a truly revolutionary hero of the 21st century.

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