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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Daily: December 11

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Written by Kiran Devgun
Will you be getting your Christmas parcel on time?
If you're expecting a special delivery to arrive any time soon then expect major delays or displacements as they may not arrive at all! Recent reports have identified that many self-employed delivery men who are working for private owned courier companies are not doing their job as expected. When expected to deliver 100 packages within a day, less than half of these parcels fail to reach a number of customers and are contrarily left abandoned, thrown over fences or ditched in the bin. For every package that any customer does successfully receive the employee is expected to receive 80p per package, however, since many of these employees find this unacceptable they are unable to competently deliver packaged goods. With Christmas just around the corner, and online purchases of numerous gifts increasing we are forced to question whether consumers will be getting their parcels on time.

Cliff Richard's Mistletoe and Wine voted the worst Christmas No1
The Pogues – Fairytale in New York, Mariah Carey's – All I want for Christmas and Slade's – Wish it could be Christmas every day, are all festive singles that continue to work their magic and triumph as the nation's top favourites for yet another festive year. Others, however, have seemingly lost their charm, in which Cliff Richards – Mistletoe and Wine has been voted the worst Christmas No1 of all time! The Performing Rights Society indicate that Slade maintain the top position today with their 1973 Christmas hit, earning over £500,000 in royalties, while Cliff Richard is far behind with his 1988 single that he is now pushed off the hit list. In fact, over 1,600 Costa Coffee branches have apparently banned the festive single from being played across their outlets since they did not want to make their customers ears bleed. While Costa Coffee and their fellow customers may hate Cliff Richard's festive track, do you think it should be banned this Christmas?

No! It's a Christmas classic, like mulled wine and mince pies - 61.4%
Yes! It's been so overplayed - 38.6%

It's a miracle: Bull Terrier found after nine years!
Miss Mae lost hope long ago when her three year old pet dog, Niamh went missing in her local area of Worcestershire. Despite months of searching and heartbreak, Miss Mae received a surprising telephone call from the animal sanctuary informing her that her dog was found! After being separated for nine years, the Stafford Bull Terrier was found in the Salisbury area of Wiltshire and was reunited with her owner. Speaking about the incident Miss Mae said, 'I didn't think I would see her again. I think she recognised me'. Now aged twelve and believed to have gone a little deaf and grey, Miss Mae believes this is a real Christmas miracle! From shedding tears of joy to embracing her pet dog, Miss Mae is grateful to the animal sanctuary that reunited Niamh with her family, in which she is said to be mixing well with everyone.

The first multi-sensory firework display announced
Food scientists Bompas and Parr have announced their successful plans to introduce the first ever multi-sensory fireworks at this year New Years Eve's celebrations in Central London. After a great deal of trying and testing, the creative scientists are believed to be keen to reveal the scented firework bonanza to spectators across the bustling city. From a fruity explosion of peach snow, banana confetti and zesty orange bubbles, audiences are expected to truly revel in their senses from smelling and tasting a colourful display. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who is passionate about nurturing new talent and bringing forward creative innovation will be apparently inaugurating the annual spectacle on the eve of 2014 – marking the very start of new beginnings, creativity and originality. Nothing like this has been attempted before and it will be interesting to see to what extent it will be appreciated.

Super-fit at 90 all because of spinach!
While Popeye the Sailor Man is a cartoon increasingly about one man's spinach eating adventures, John van Walwyk has been named the 'real life Popeye' who stays super fit and healthy at 90 years because he too eats plenty of spinach! From lifting 30kg weights, climbing 226 metres on a step-machine and eating spinach thereafter, Walwyk is recognised as one of the strongest great grandfathers who believes in the importance of eating iron rich leafy products. Lifting heavier weights in comparison to many other gym enthusiasts, Walwyk is recognised as a real role model to a number of individuals, while his spinach success is heavily admired and applauded too. Celebrating his 90th birthday, Walwyk is giving himself a day off from his local gym in Cambridge and will be spending a day with his loved ones! Here's to Walwyk and many more fit and healthy years to come.

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