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Tuesday, 07 January 2014

The Daily: January 7

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Written by Abigail Laura Feetham
Latest waterproofing technology
After years of extensive research in laboratories across the globe, Scientists have commercialised a simple spray on solution that immediately waterproofs materials by turning them into 'superhydrophobic' surfaces; turning the materials one-hundred-percent water proof and water repellent. Not only will the commercialisation of this mean that in the not-so-distant future we may be able to remain completely dry in any torrential downpour, we can also use the technology to keep windows cleaner for longer, help protect paintwork on cars and even protect furniture and carpets from those dreaded coffee and red wine spills! With the entire nation suffering from the severe weather and recently, the new waterproofing technology will most probably be welcomed with open arms!

The beard is gone
Newsnight presenter, Jeremy Paxman, has reappeared on air with a clean-shaven face after sporting a beard for 147 days. It was in August of last year that he started to cause a bit of a stir when he was seen on television sporting a full beard which went on to receive mixed reviews. He stated how he felt the BBC had a "very obvious conviction that the only beards allowed on screen belong to characters like Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses." Paxman even branded the BBC "pogonophobic", meaning a phobia of beards. Paxman expressed in an interview with the Radio Times that "If a chap can't shave on holiday, what can he do? Beards are so 2013."

Otters are making a comeback
Otters are more visible than ever for the first time in 50 years it would seem. It was back in the 1970s that it was almost certain Otters were facing extinction. Things such as otter hunting, which was not finally banned until 1978, were to blame for the rapid decline in numbers, alongside the spread of poisonous agricultural chemicals and the flattening of lowland rivers during this period. So what has changed? Experts believe a number of factors are behind the increase in numbers such as, the banning of lethal pesticides and the increase in a concerted effort to help keep our rivers clean. So, when next taking a riverside ramble, why not keep your eyes peeled, for a family of otters may be appearing somewhere near you.

Royal Horticulture Society appoints new Horticulture Director
Dr Tim Upson has been appointed the new Horticulture Director for the RHS. Formerly Dr Upson was formerly the curator and Deputy Director of Cambridge Universities Botanic Garden. The job will entail overseeing standards of horticulture in all sections of the RHS, famous for organising the Chelsea Flower Show. The current Horticulture Director, Jim Gardiner, will now become the Executive Vice President of Horticulture instead. The RHS General Director, Sue Biggs, stated how she is "thrilled to welcome the newest members of the leadership team, who will play an integral part in leading the organisation and ensuring we deliver all our plans to transform people's lives through horticulture".

NHS offers free weight loss plan
Christmas has been and gone and the majority of us are most probably noticing how our new attire is feeling rather fitted as of late. The New Year always sees an immediate increase in all things weight-loss related with thousands of gym memberships renewed and multiple discounts on produce that promotes a 'fresh start to the year'. At the same time, there is an ever increasing amount of people paying to access 'fast weight loss' tips, tricks and even programmes. The NHS, in a bid to tackle this, are now offering their own free week-by-week programme that simply cuts 600kcal from both men and women's daily intake. Susan Jebb, an Oxford University Professor and nutritional specialist furthered support for the programme by stating that "the NHS weight loss guide is full of valuable tips and support to help you put your good intentions into practice".

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