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Monday, 13 January 2014

The Daily: January 13

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Written by Abigail Laura Feetham
£400 painting is actually a Van Dyck worth £400,000
Father Jamie Mcleod, a Catholic priest, couldn't believe his luck when a portrait he purchased for £400 has now been valued at £400,000. Purchased at a Cheshire antiques shop with absolutely no mention of the artist Van Dyck, Father Mcleod took the portrait to be valued on the Antiques Roadshow. It was here that host and expert Fiona Bruce had a hunch that it may be an original long-lost Van Dyck. Coincidentally the presenter had recently been making a TV show about Van Dyck paintings with art expert Philip Mould and recognised the paintings similar style. The portrait will now go on to be sold to raise money for Father Mcleod's church bells. Mcleod expressed his joy and said how "this has been an emotional experience and is such great news."

Green spaces said to positively boost mental health and well-being
It's good news for all park lovers and dog walkers out there; new research has found that living in an urban area which offers access to green spaces will have a prolonged positive effect on a person's well-being. Matthew White, co-author of the Environmental Science and Technology journal who conducted the research, has stated that even though access to green spaces will not act as a magic pill that cures marriage problems and daily woes there is still strong "evidence that people within an area with green spaces are less stressed and when you are less stressed you make more sensible decisions and you communicate better."

Christmas presents and supplies finally reach the International Space Station
Christmas has finally begun for the crew onboard the International Space Station. This week they received their long awaited Christmas presents from families and friends along with a restock of their essential supplies. Originally supposed to be docked and delivered before Christmas, the shipment was delayed due to a space-station breakdown and then severe weather conditions. Eventually the 1.2 tonne cargo was docked four days ago from Virginia and arrived at the Space Station on Sunday. Along with their Christmas presents the crew on the Space Station also received scientific experiments to conduct, spare parts for the station, clothing and food which included fresh fruit as a gift courtesy of NASA.

The Duke and Duchess search for a new nanny
It has been reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton are searching for a new nanny to accompany them on their tour of New Zealand and Australia. Jessie Webb, aged 71, came out of retirement as the Duke and Duchess's current nanny but only ever under the agreement it would be for three months, despite reports of her still being at Kensington Palace. Mrs Webb used to look after Prince William when he was a child and has worked for the Royal Family for numerous years meaning Kate and William were very keen to retain her services. However, the Duke and Duchess will spend a rather busy month travelling around Australia and New Zealand and are said to need "round-the-clock help for George if he joins them".

Missing cat is found 270 miles away
A hotel in West Yorkshire has had an unexpected guest last week in the form of Cookie the Cat. Cookie, Andrew and Samantha Buchanan's beloved cat, disappeared from their family home in Swansea, South Wales, on December 29; approximately 270 miles away from the hotel. Fortunately enough Cookie had been micro chipped and was taken by the hotel to a local vets in the area where they managed to contact the Buchanans' and tell them of Cookie's whereabouts; much to everyone's bemusement. Trying to solve the mystery of Cookie's extravagant excursion, it has been thought that she may have hitched a lift with a laundry van that was passing through the area and made the trip up to West Yorkshire. Nevertheless, after her luxurious hotel-break, the Buchanan's and Cookie have finally all been reunited.

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