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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Daily: February 11

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Written by Emma Becque
The UK has endured the worst rainfall in 248 years but there's more to come...
As the weather is getting increasingly worse, the patience of UK residents enduring the consequences of the extreme weather is truly being tested.And, unfortunately, there's more to come.

The UK is calling to the government to use their £11million foreign aid budget to help salvage the crisis in Britain first.

Hundreds have had to leave their homes behind without a clear plan as to how to salvage their homes or when they will even be able to return.

With the weather beginning to create more turbulence the government has now been put under more pressure to help those in the UK rather than foreigners. David Cameron continues to tour the UK's worst affected areas but there has been no mention of delving into the foreign aid budget to help those living within the floods.

Trains are being severely affected by the flooding, especially between Berkshire and London causing even more chaos and stress for those trying to get to work.

The Severn and the Thames are gradually beginning to rise creating a climate of anxiety in the areas of the UK already affected by the flooding.

So far, around 900 homes have been flooded in the last week and this number will most likely increase in the coming weeks ahead.

Fermented foods can give you a health boost says experts
This idea stems from the US and has been supported by scientific evidence at Cambridge University.

Foods such as cheese, pickle, yoghurt or any low-fat dairy produce can help you lose weight and decrease your chances of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 25%.

By leaving your food to ferment the body is able to absorb the nutrients and good bacteria at a much more rapid pace.

The key recommended products to eat are fermented or cured olives, meats and cheeses. They not only help fight bad bacteria but also help the body feel fuller for longer and help boost your digestive system.

Around 80% of our immune cells are found in the gut. Fermented foods encourage the stimulation of bacteria which in turn helps with our immunity against viruses such as colds, flu and indigestion.

Why not try Kombucha tea, this Chinese fizzy tea has not only become a trend in the U.S but can also help boost your immune system and keep you at bay from the viruses that winter brings.

A shoe addict's dream
The most expensive boots to have ever been made are now being exhibited in the MAS museum in Antwerp.

Their estimated value is at almost £2million making them the most expensive shoes in the world.

Encrusted with a total of 1,550 Antwerp carat diamonds it is no wonder that they are on display and not on someone's feet!

The boots have been made for the annual business of design week in Hong Kong. The design process, including choosing the particular diamonds and mounting each specific diamond onto the shoes individually, took over 30,000 hours.

The shoes were hand made by An Vandevorst, a Belgium husband and wife team who have had their Parisian shoe line since 2003.

The An Vandevorst shoe line is unique in that they are known to consistently use swirl type patterns and layers of contrasting textures to create an edgy and yet classic shoe.

It's the thought that counts – Valentine's Day is around the corner
I am sure many of us are anticipating a beautiful bouquet of flowers, chocolates or a weekend away. However, it would appear from recent surveys that 25% of us spend £20 or less and a shocking 1/3 of the population in relationships spend nothing on a Valentine's gift.

Discount vouchers and promotional deals are also being used by up to 90% of the UK.

Oxford is the capital city that uses the most discount vouchers when it comes to dating, with 96% of Oxford residents preferring to save money on a dinner date. Contrary to this, Brighton residents are the least inclined to use discount vouchers with nearly 20% of the residents declaring it is not OK to use vouchers on a date.

Child star legend Shirley Temple dies at age 85
The multitalented Santa Monica born dancer, singer and actress Shirley Temple, died on Monday at her home in California from natural causes.

Her iconic curly hair and glimmering persona outshone that of her older peers on film, she is the youngest actor to have ever received an academy award at age 6.

Her first film role was at the tender age of three and she has featured in 43 films in total. She is best known for her work in Bright Eyes, Stand Up and Cheer, and Curly Top.

Not only was she an all round talented lady she was also a Republican candidate for congress and the first lady to serve as U.S chief of protocol in the Department of State.

She leaves behind children Lori, Charlie Junior, Susan, granddaughter Teresa and great-granddaughters Emma and Lily. The actress's late husband Charles Alden Black died in August 2005 of whom she was with for 54 years.

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