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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Daily: February 12

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Written by Emma Becque
Princess steps out for her first Official Royal Engagement
Last night The Duchess of Cambridge attended her first Royal Engagement at The National Portrait Fundraising Gala.

The Gala last night saw guests viewing Paul Emsley's latest exhibition, 'Pen Portraits', which has seen a number of people donate to the gallery.

The funds raised at the gala will help drive the gallery's ambitions to carry out research, exhibit more work and help acquire new portraits.

The Duchess looked elegant whilst wearing the Queen's Diamond necklace. 

TV Show Midsomer Murders moves to Denmark
For the very British TV series Midsomer Murders 100th Anniversary the show has decided to move away from the picturesque fictional village of Midsomer and in turn set the episode in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Midsomer Murders episode appears to have a darker and unusual take on the family-based drama we are used to watching.

Tonight's episode will include guest Danish actresses Ann Eleonora Jorgensen and Birgitte Hjort Sorensen and will follow the murder of one of Copenhagen's residents.

In Denmark Midsomer Murders has become increasingly popular as have Danish crime thrillers in the UK. Director of Midsomer Murders Alex Pillai, has said he purposely contrasted the working methods and architecture of both Denmark and the UK for the special episode.

National survey finds that less than 1/5 people now smoke
40% of women and 70% of men smoked in 1962. Health educators have seemingly managed to enable astonishing numbers of people to give up for the first time in decades, with now only an estimated 20% of people smoking.

University College London (UCL) claims that there has been a breakthrough in encouraging people to give up smoking.

MPs have recently voted for a measure to be put in place for smoking in cars carrying children to become illegal, this is in order to protect children from second-hand smoke. This ban will eventually become a criminal offence in England.

Coinciding with the ban to smoke in vehicles with children, MPs have also recognised and supported the regulation for there to be standardised packaging for all cigarettes.

The last King in battle and the first to have his genetic code sequenced!
King Richard III and his direct relative Michael Ibsen will both have their genetic codes sequenced.

Scientists hope that the DNA found will enable them to find other living relatives of King Richard III.

The King's remains were originally discovered in 2013 in a car park in Leicester. The skeleton revealed the king had been badly wounded in battle and had a twisted spine. The research may also help in learning about the King's susceptibility to diseases such as Alzheimer's and diabetes.

Dr Dan O'Connor, head of medical humanities at the Welcome Trust is encouraging the research to go ahead as he is sure it will help us learn more about King Richard III's historical and personal past.

The discovery of iceman Otzi, whose mummified remains were found in the Italian Alps in 1991 revealed to experts the first human to be known to have Lyme disease. Optimistic, researchers hope that King Richard III's remains may also help with medical research too.

Fossil site in Canada could reveal more about animal evolution
The fossil site could reveal more about animal evolution in the Cambrian period. Over just 15 days of collecting at the site 50 animals have already been discovered.

The International Research team at the University of Toronto discovered the site in 2012. It didn't take the research team very long to realise that they had dug up something remarkable. It has been suggested that they may find more animal species at this particular site than that of the original Yoho National Park site and more than anywhere else in the world.

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