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Thursday, 13 February 2014

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Written by Emma Becque
Your commute to work may be causing you more stress than you realise
The Office for National Statistics have confirmed that a daily commute can increase your levels of anxiety, lack of motivation to work and decrease your enthusiasm for daily activities. Those who hop on a bus to work are the most vulnerable to the negative effects endured when travelling.

The Office for National Statistics has thoroughly analysed daily commuters and how their commute affects their overall wellbeing and performance at work. Workers travelling between 61-90 minutes a day are the most affected.

The Office for National Statistics monitored 60,000 people, 91.5% of them being workers who endure a daily commute to work.

If you feel as though you are lucky enough to walk or cycle to work, think again, apparently similar effects on personal-well being whilst commuting also effect those who dare to take on the healthy option of walking or cycling. Cyclist and walkers who travel from 16-30 minutes a day have lower life satisfaction and lower self-worth than those who travel using any other mode of transport for 15 minutes.

Interestingly once your daily commute reaches three hours or over the negative effects of when travelling between 61-90 minutes surprisingly disappear.

The BBC TV show The Paradise will not return for a third series
Initially Season one brought in high ratings, however, Season two saw only five million tune in to watch the BBC's TV series The Paradise.

The show was predominately based around a department store and in turn became rivals with ITV's  Mr Selfridge which poured in ratings of approximately 9.6 million viewers on their launch date.

The period drama set in the 1870's has confirmed that it would not be returning for a third Season.

The TV Series evolved around the character of Moray; the charming store owner of whom we later learned was entangled in a chaotic love triangle with co-workers Denise and Katherine.

The Series was launched in 2012 and ended filming for Series two last autumn. The BBC created a whole set at Lambeth Castle

A Spokesperson for the BBC has said they are very proud to have made TV Series The Paradise for the BBC1.

Aberdeen becomes the new Chelsea when cars are concerned
The Royal Highness the Queen drives around in her 4x4 Land rover also known as the "Chelsea Tractor". Of course these so called "Chelsea Tractors" have become exceedingly popular in the West London area of Chelsea not as efficient modes of transport but more for the trend setting accessory to park outside a place of leisure.

However, Aberdeen has topped the charts as having the sold most 4x4's in the last five years with one in four owning a 4x4; the most popular are being the wealthy Scottish market town of Banchory. The prestigious Scottish suburb is just 20 miles away from Scottish Oil capital, Aberdeen. Aberdeenshire takes up four of the places in the top ten charts of the most popular areas to own a 4x4.

The Land Rover is one of the most popular models of 4x4 models with the Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander also being popular 4x4 models.

6% of drivers without children own a 4x4 compared to 14% of drivers who have at least one child. According to the statistics based on policyholders drivers with children are more than twice as likely to own a 4x4.

It has been suggested that many of the wealthiest boroughs in London including Chelsea's neighbouring towns of Kensington and Knightsbridge use the 4x4 vehicle to symbolise wealth. On the contrary, drivers in the Scottish suburb of Aberdeenshire most likely use their 4x4's to get around the country lanes to ensure an easier drive.

First World War Sailor's sealed and stamped letter finally arrives!
The seaman's letter, who signed himself as "Your Blue Jacket Boy" has been retrieved by his granddaughter almost a century later. The letter dated 1916 and was pulled from behind a fireplace in Kirkwall, Orkney.

The letter was addresses to the sailor's family but never managed to make it home. The sailors' granddaughter Mary Hodge who now resides in Chester was contacted and immediately recognised the writer as being her grandfather. Mary knew she shared ancestry with her Canadian friend in Orkney who urged her to get in touch with Orkney Library after seeing a post on Orkney Libraries blog.

Mrs Hodge expressed feelings of being in shock and disbelief upon realising it was her grandfathers latter intended for her family. Mrs Hodge's grandfather, David John Philips was apparently stationed in Orkney. Mr Philips was working on a depot and repair ship based at Scapa Flow on HMS Cyclops. He later returned to Llanelli where he married Orcadian Catherine Isabella Coghill Johnston in 1919, ran a grocery and had two children.

With Valentine's Day coming up, why not watch a weepy Romance movie!
Researchers at the University of Rochester have discovered that watching romantic films with your loved one can help both of you understand the nature of love and in turn ensure your relationship blossoms into an everlasting fairytale. The university researchers split 174 newly-wed couples into three groups, one of the groups involved couples watching old romantic films together, the second concentrated on acceptance training and the third studies conflict management. Overall the researchers found that divorce rates amongst the groups fell by 50% and you can gamble that this statistic drop derived from the group watching the romantic movies.

By watching a variety of romance movies it has been said that we are then able to recognise the true nature of romantic love. According to studies we should not accuse Hollywood of painting an ambiguous portrayal of romantic love, in fact we should thank the cinema for exposing us to the hardship and complexities that couples endure enabling their love to last.

This Valentine's Day American Researchers would encourage you to watch a movie as a couple rather than buy a sentimental gift for your significant other.

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